Last E-mail As a Missionary!

Well, I started freaking out as I wrote the title for this email which is “LAST EMAIL AS A MISSIONARY.” Time has flown by soooooo fast. This week was great. It was filled with good byes and a fun birthday Family Home Evening. Some members made me a cake. It was pretty fun. Today for P-day I got to end my mission with a bang. We got permission as a zone to go up into the Andes Mountains and play in the snow. We left at about 7 am. and took a 2 1/2 hour drive in a shuttle bus. We played in the snow in a place called Farrellones. It was fun because there are a few elders from the northern part of South America and Central America that had never seen snow in their lives. Now I can check that off my list as another climate I have been in during my mission. Those climates/places are Downtown Santiago, Tropical island in the Pacific – Easter Island, countryside and valley of San Felipe, and snow in the Andes mountains. 

I have had many amazing opportunities in my mission and I am so grateful for them. But more importantly than traveling the world I have grown and reached spiritual heights that I never knew before. Thanks to everyone who prayed for me. Thanks for those who read my emails or blog. I hope that your testimonies were strengthened and that you can catch the missionary fire and share with others. See you all soon!

Elder Neser


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