My Last Full Week As A Missionary!


THIS IS MY LAST FULL WEEK AS A MISSIONARY! How crazy! Last week was great. It was kind of slow because the World Cup was ending . . . especially on Sunday because it was the World Cup Final. We had a hard time getting anything done. All of the Chileans were excited that Germany won because Chileans generally don’t like Argentineans. 

It has been cold here lately! On Saturday, we had a fun experience. We took Cynthia and Victor to the temple to do a temple tour. They are a couple that we have been teaching for a while and they have been attending church regularly now. The problem is that they have to get married. It really helped them to do the tour of the temple because now they are planning on getting married next month!!!!!!!!!! We are very, very excited!

Investigators always have the best questions. For example, Cynthia asked recently “so Elders, lets just say we get married civilly and then we get sealed in the temple here. After that, can we still get married in the Catholic church?” I slapped my face and laughed. Those types of questions make the “Gospel Principles” class super funny every Sunday.

On Sunday, all of the members were making appointments with us because they all want to have a “good bye” appointment with me. So this week we will be pretty busy. I think they are planning a surprise birthday party for me tomorrow. These are some of the things that happened this week. 

Elder Neser



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