The Soccer World Cup is on!!


Well . . . this week was a first for me on my mission. I was sick the whole week! I am better today and feel good now. I really have been blessed with great health throughout my entire mission. I think I got sick because it is getting cold here and the last time I was in cold weather was like… NEVER! Ha! I dealt with a little bit of cold weather in Utah at BYU my freshman year but that’s basically it! During my mission, I have avoided the cold weather by going to Easter Island. So this time I could not escape it . . . my throat bothered me and then my stomach and I actually had a funny/embarrassing experience on Friday. Being part of a group of missionaries that are ending their missions, we attended the temple in Santiago and before passing the reception desk at the temple entrance I started to feel sick to my stomach so I decided not to go in and I just waited outside. But things got worse and when we were heading back to our apartment, we had to get on the subway. It was rush hour so it was packed with people. We were squeezed in the back of the subway and I was feeling more and more nauseous by the minute! Then I looked at Elder Wright and said that I was going to “barf “ and his words to me were: GO, GO, GO!! Luckily, shortly thereafter we arrived at a subway stop and I squeezed my way out and got to a trashcan to throw up. It seemed like there were hundreds of people watching – ha! It was a great experience – NOT! So then we decided to walk up the street and take a taxi home. 

Then on Saturday, I still couldn’t keep anything down and so I stayed inside all day and that is the first time I have done that on my mission. Then yesterday I felt good enough to go to church and now today I feel completely fine. I am a lot skinnier because I haven’t eaten a lot but that’s okay because I need to start my diet to get ready to go home! So that was the week. 

The other cool thing that is happening here is the “Soccer World Cup” and Chile played a few days ago. So we had to be in our apartment right when the game started and we were not allowed to go back out. It was so crazy because when Chile scored their goals, our apartment building literally shook. We opened the windows and everyone was yelling and blowing those stadium horns and honking their car horns. It was like all of Chile was partying! Then when the game ended people were yelling for hours and blowing horns again. It was pretty cool. All day long everyone watches all of the games. So we kind of have to work around that. A lot of people don’t receive us because a game is on. Even though Chile isn’t playing, Chileans are still watching all of the games. It is a fun experience though because it is exciting to root for Chile. The USA plays today. I hope that Chile keeps winning. 

Finally, we had changes today. I am with my same companion but we received another companion that will replace me when I go and finish training my original companion. That is what happened this week! 

Elder Neser



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