More Changes!


This week was awesome. We had changes again today! My companion, Elder Wortham, went home today. He was very, very excited and felt really strange too. He was nervous. It is going to be weird doing that in about 8 weeks from now. Yesterday, we went and said goodbye to everyone. Everyone was crying and they were all sad that Elder Wortham was leaving. He had been in this area for six months and helped the ward grow a lot. Elder Quispe also left. So now I am with another Elder waiting for our new trainees to arrive tomorrow! So I will be training a brand new Elder for the first time. He will most likely be a “gringo” and won’t speak any Spanish! So it will be a fun experience. I will also be District Leader. They also added two new Elders to our ward. So now we are living with 4 in the house. It will be awesome. 

We have a new family that we found that we are teaching. They went to church on Sunday for the first time. It was so cool. They all loved it. We have to help them to get married and then they will be ready to get baptized. This past week I had the coolest experience. I finally got to do an interchange in Simon Bolivar. That is where I started my mission. It was so fun. We visited some of the old people that I taught and saw a lot of the members. It was so crazy walking the streets of that sector again because it brought back so many memories. It was very exciting. I also stayed the night there in my old house. Elder Boelter just got back from Easter Island and lives there too. So we talked forever about the island and all of the people there. It was so cool. He had met and taught and baptized some of the people that I taught. He brought back fish and avocados from the island. He gave me some fish and avocados that I cooked and ate. They were sooooooooo good.  Those are the cool events from my week! 

Elder Neser



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