Ivan is baptized!


We had a baptism this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ivan Soto got baptized. He is the one that got married last week. Now the whole family are members and are preparing to go to the temple a year from now. The baptism was great. Ivan was very excited and every family member bore their testimony and was crying saying that they have prayed for so long for this and finally the day has come. It was very special. For four years, missionaries have been trying to get him to commit to baptism but he never made the move to get married. So we were the blessed missionaries that were here at the right time.

Another cool thing that happened this week was that in a big Zone Conference I saw my old companion from Conchali, Elder Muñoz. We baptized Rodolfo together. He told me that Rodolfo is doing great and that he is now a councilor in the Bishopric!!! That was so cool to hear. Not only is he active but also he is contributing in a big way to build up the church. 

My companion has had a clogged ear now for about 2 weeks. So we tried an old Chilean technique that the farmers used to unclog an ear. A member had the idea and tried it on my companion. This technique is called a “cucurucho”. You take about 3 sheets of newspaper and roll them up to make a funnel. Then you put the small end in the ear and the big end you light on fire so it starts to burn slowly and sucks the air out of the ear. It makes popping sounds as the air is sucked out. It was so funny looking. However, in the end it didn’t work because it wasn’t a problem with air in the ear but a problem with liquid clogging the ear. So we went to the doctor today and they gave him medicine to try and solve his ear problems. 

We also helped some members move this week and, lucky for us, they couldn’t take their couches with them. So they offered them to us and we gladly accepted them. We were so excited. So now we have two couches in our house that are of good quality. The weather has been great. It has cooled down but during the day it is at a perfect temperature. I am just hoping that it stays as warm as possible until July. Everyone says that the winters here are very cold. We will see. My companion Elder Wortham goes home in two weeks and is getting pretty “trunky” hahaha!! That’s it!

Elder Neser



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