Blessing of healing


This has been a great week! It was a long one because we have been working for a week and a half without a P-day. But it all paid off today because we went to the temple! It was so awesome! It has been a year since I last visited the temple so the experience was so awesome. The Santiago Temple is small but it is very beautiful. 

We had a lot of fun experiences this week but one of the best experiences of the week was last Wednesday. The secretary of the mission called us and told us that we needed to go visit a hospital to give a health blessing and that there would be a member waiting for us there. So since we are a threesome, we organized splits and Elder Quispe and I went to the hospital. We had to travel a distance because the hospital is in the West Mission boundaries. So when we arrived at the hospital there was a member there waiting for us and really excited to see us. 

We sat down first with her and she explained the situation. She was from Las Condes, which is a nice part of Santiago and her cousin was sick in the hospital. She said that her cousin had started to cough blood a few weeks before and they took her to the hospital and then she got worse and worse. So when we got there she was in intensive care and in critical condition. It was really intense. We went to intensive care and had to wait in a waiting room because they only allowed two people in at a time and for only five minutes. The member had been praying and fasting that the blessing that we gave would produce a miracle. She wanted a miracle because her cousin was not a member nor were any of her family members. She thought that a miracle like this might convince family members of the importance of faith in the Lord and the gospel. I felt nervous but confident. I really learned that you always have to be ready to use your priesthood authority because there are times when everyone is really depending on you and possibly needing an important blessing. 

So they let my companion and I pass into the room. We had to walk through a hall and we were required to wear gloves and a gown. But first we had to wash our hands. Then we walked into the actual room. The member’s cousin was hooked up to so many tubes and in a coma-like state. It was very intense. We gave the blessing and then had to leave the room. The blessing was powerful and I felt the spirit so strongly as my companion administered the blessing. We left and the member thanked us. I don’t know what happened to this poor woman who was very sick but I hope that a miracle occurred! That’s the coolest story of the week!

Elder Neser


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