Earthquakes, aftershocks, and I am a Zone Leader in Santiago

Hola todos! 

Today as well as this past week has been wild. So first of all, there were earthquakes in the northern part of Chile as the news has reported. Those didn’t affect us here. But there were aftershocks that were smaller but still really strong that we did feel. One night this week at 11:30 pm. and then again at 1:oo am. we felt two aftershocks. They were very strong. First it sounded like the earth was cracking and then like a big bus passed our house and then it started to shake really hard for like 5 to 10 seconds. Nothing happened to the building we are in or to anyone living here. There have been many of those small tremors in the past months here. It is crazy! 

So we had transfers today! It was a sad transfer because I had to leave San Felipe. I didn’t want to go and I thought that I was going to stay here longer. So now I am a Zone Leader in Alberdi. This area is located right next to where I started my mission. I am back in the center of Santiago! I will probably end my mission here. I am in a trio. The other Zone Leader that is my companion is Elder Wortham and he is from Georgia and our third companion is Elder Quispe from Bolivia. He was serving in Venezuela but because of the problems that they are having there, the church took all of the foreign missionaries out of Venezuela and reassigned them to other missions. So it’s going to be fun here. 

This past week was filled with adventures. General Conference was so great! Jose went to two of the sessions and we had one other new investigator that went to one of the sessions. One cool but sad story is that because I was getting tranferred I went to say bye to everyone on Sunday night. So we went to see an investigator that has been taking the lessons forever. She has been investigating for about 6 years now and always goes to church and is so awesome. Her two children are members. We have been visiting them a lot and she has been changing a lot and has progressed. So we went to say goodbye and she came out and we talked a little and then she said. “Elder Neser, I was going to tell you after conference today but I didn’t have time. I have been praying and thinking a lot and I have decided that I want to get baptized… And I want you to baptize me.” I was so happy and so sad because then I had to tell her that I was leaving and that I wasn’t going to be able to baptize her. I cried a little bit. She was really sad too. That’s what happens sometimes as a missionary. You are transferred when you don’t want to be transferred! So hopefully our investigator keeps making progress and gets baptized. I am sure she will. The rest of the week was great. That’s it! 

Elder Neser


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