Chemical Truck Accident and New Shoes!

Hola Todos! 

What a crazy week!!First of all, last Sunday, a new member in the ward took me aside after church and asked me what my shoe size was. At this point in my mission, my shoes have some pretty big holes and are pretty much falling apart. Then he asked me to pass by his house the next day. So we went and he had gone to the mall and bought me new shoes!! It was so awesome! They are really nice.

The craziest part of this week was Wednesday. We had to go to “llay llay” to do baptismal interviews. We have to take a bus there and it takes about 50 minutes. So we left at about 4pm. We arrived and the interviews went great! Both people we interviewed are so awesome. So after the interviews is when things got crazy! 

We got in the bus to go back to San Felipe and on the way, there was really bad traffic. So the bus stopped with the traffic. We had only been gone for about ten minutes. We left “llay llay” at about 7pm. The traffic wasn’t moving at all and we were waiting and waiting. We ended up sitting in the same spot for 2 hours. Yikes! We assumed that we weren’t going to get home on time so I called the Mission President and told him. Then as we were sitting there we were talking with people who heard the news or who were talking to others by phone that were listening to what had happened and they told us. Evidently, there was an accident about 4 kilometers up the pass. The road was a two-lane road and so the accident took up the whole road and emergency vehicles weren’t able to move the truck off the road. So then we got the idea to get off the bus and walk past the accident and then call a member to come pick us up. So we got out of the bus and started walking. It was about 9pm at this point. Everyone was parked and eating or talking on phones. It was dark and cold. Everyone looked at us like we were crazy with our short-sleeved shirts and ties and walking past them in the dark. So we walked and walked and walked! We stopped and went to the bathroom at farmer’s house. Then we kept walking. We finally got to the accident and what really happened was that a truck with chemicals had parked badly on the side of the road and was sliding into a creek. The problem was that the chemicals would become explosive if mixed with water and so if the truck slipped into the creek there was going to be a huge explosion. That’s why traffic was stopped and backed up for miles. So we walked past the truck and lots of police and fireman and other emergency people. Then we kept walking and called a member to pick us up at the end of the line of traffic. We ended up walking about another 8 kilometers. We finally got to a place where a member picked us up. We arrived home at about 11:30 at night! It was so crazy and we were so tired!!!!!!!!! So that is my crazy story for this week. If we hadn’t exited the bus and walked we would’ve been sleeping on the bus until about 5 in the morning! I believe we were inspired to walk around the accident and get home so that we could attend the Zone Conference the next day. 

Jose went to church again with his little cousins and he is progressing really well! That’s it for this week! 

Elder Neser


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