Jose and his cousins attend church!

Hola Todos!! 

We had a lot of pretty cool experiences this week! We keep having amazing lessons with Roman and Karol! We had our first Family Home Evening with them and they invited a lot of their family members. It was awesome. A member that came with us shared a message from the “Liahona” (Spanish version of the Ensign) that talked about how sharing the Gospel with family and friends brings happiness. It was perfect. Then Roman and Karol bore their testimonies to their family members sharing that the church is true and that it has made a big difference in their lives! And they aren’t even members yet! It was awesome. 

I attended a “Leadership Council” meeting this week in Santiago. It took all day to travel to Santiago and then the conference went long and we got back late. It wasn’t a super exciting meeting but I learned some new things I would like to try. 

One of the coolest experiences this week occurred last Sunday. We have an investigator named Jose. He is 16 years old and lives with his mom and a bunch of other people. Their family situation is very tough because his dad is in jail. They also live in a very dangerous part of San Felipe. So we went the other day to visit him because he hasn’t been coming through with his commitments. We invited him to church. He said that he would go. So on Sunday, we were waiting in church and during the Sacrament he walks in with his four little cousins. They all are 5 and 6 years old. So he led them in and he looked like a mother duck with her ducklings. It was funny! The other funny thing is that he was wearing a hat that said, “I love weed”. Ha! He has no idea what the message on his hat means. So they sat down and listened. Even the little kids listened. Then they all went to classes afterward and loved it. In the primary, the little cousins colored pictures and after the meetings I told them to give them to their mom. After church we went to visit them and the mom loved the pictures and I hope that it softened her heart a little. We also invited Jose to be baptized and he accepted so we are going to be working hard with him. We really are going to focus on the responsibility he has when he makes the covenant to get baptized. We have been really focusing on this to prepare people well so that they don’t immediately turn into “recent converts” and then “less active” members. 

After church on Sunday, we traveled to a little town called Curimon to eat lunch with a member. This member is from Russia. It was interesting. She has a thick accent and it is hard to understand her when she speaks Spanish. She made us a Russian meal. It was very different but I liked it. It was a soup with meat and then she poured condensed milk on it, which was weird. Then we ate rice with shellfish. She is very, very nice and has a crazy life story. She is about 60 years old and has lived in Chile for about 20 years on and off. Those are the crazy stories from my week! 

Elder Neser



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