Grapes Galore!

Hola Todos!! 

This week was a very “grape filled” week! My area is in the region of Chile where there are lots and lots of vineyards. And at this time of the year, everyone is working in the vineyards. So they bring back tons of grapes. Members and investigators and contacts just give us grapes to try or take home. The grapes here are so good. They have some that are huge and different colors. So we are getting fat off of grapes! 

It was a great first week with my new companion! He is awesome and we get a long very well. We finally started to find some people. When I was with my previous companion, we couldn’t find anybody. This week, we also had some great lessons with some of our investigators. 

The highlight of the week was on Saturday. We went to Santiago to a meeting with the four missions of Santiago, Chile. I saw Elder Lythgoe again, which was awesome!!! The meeting was unbelievably good. Elder David F. Evans from the quorum of the seventy, who is the director of missionary work worldwide spoke. There was another Area Seventy that translated. We thought that a lot of people were going to talk because it was a four hour meeting but no! Elder Evans just blasted all the missionaries of Santiago for four hours. He basically pointed out the things that the missionaries are doing wrong here in Chile and what we need to do better. It was awesome because he was very bold and direct and said what needed to be said. His whole talk inspired me to change things and be bolder with everyone. 

So when we got back to our area, we went to visit 3 homes. The members in two of these homes were “less active” and we just gave powerful lessons on how they needed to take the sacrament. Then we ended the day visiting Roman who is our investigator that was progressing very well, then went back to living with his girlfriend and therefore can’t get baptized. So we went with “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” and shared it with them. They have two kids. We were bold and told them that they needed to follow the words of the prophets to save their family. They were touched and Karol, the girlfriend, was crying and said that they needed this lesson and Roman committed to going to church with his whole family. They all went on Sunday morning. It was so awesome!

So now we have this new vision of what we need to do as missionaries and we are pumped. There is one last funny thing I’d like to share. When someone speaks in another language that isn’t their native language they obviously have an accent. What I have noticed is that people tend to have accents according to the country their ancestors came from. Chileans speak English pretty well because they are exposed here to a lot of people of European descent. This whole week my companion has been telling me that I don’t speak like an American but like a German. And it is funny because my companion is from Peru but he doesn’t have the common Latin accent when he speaks English. He has a German accent when he speaks English and I think it is because his great-grandpa is German. I am sure there is an ancestor connection here. That’s my week! 

Elder Neser



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