Elder Fasshauer is my new companion!

Hola Todos!

What a week this week! We had a lot of fun contacting and doing baptismal interviews and handling other missionary responsibilities!! We had changes today and I got a new companion but I am staying in the same sector. I am training again. My new companion is named Elder Fasshauer. And “no”, he is not a “gringo” nor German. He is from Peru! I was surprised because of his name. He is super awesome. I am excited to be with him. The crazy thing is that his sister went to BYU after she ended high school in Peru and now is married and lives in Provo. So in the fall of 2011, my companion went to Provo to live with her for a short time and took English classes at BYU. So we both studied at BYU at the same time! How crazy! I never met him while at BYU but he lived in the Glenwood apartments with his sister, which is really close to Helaman Halls. He doesn’t speak much English because he was only in the U.S. for one semester. But it is awesome because he knows all about BYU and played on an intermural soccer team and he loves “In-N-Out”. So funny! He is from Lima, Peru. He also seems very humble and it looks like we will get a long well. Today Sister Essig gave me a bag of cookies from President and Sister Heyman. They were together in a Mission President Conference this past week and Sister Heyman gave the cookies to Sister Essig to give to me! They were so good. It was awesome. That’s the news!

Elder Neser


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