Mauricio is baptized!!

Hola todos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

This week was very exciting! We had a baptism. Well kind of… So we had been teaching a guy named Mauricio for most of my time here. He is 25 and super awesome. About 2 weeks ago something happened in his house and he had to move. And he moved within the boundaries of another ward and he was scheduled to get baptized that week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we had to cancel our plans to baptize him and then he had to go to the other ward and the sister missionaries visited him. So since the sister missionaries are in my district, I had to do the baptismal interview. He passed and afterwards asked if I could baptize him!! So we weren’t sure I could do it because I am assigned to another ward. Luckily this past Sunday we had a stake conference and my chapel is where the conference was held. Mauricio had his baptism in our chapel and I was able to baptize him. The baptism was awesome! Many people attended because everyone was there from the stake and there were two other baptisms as well. The Stake Conference was a satellite broadcast for the northern part of Chile. Two members of the “Seventy” and Elder Quentin L. Cook spoke. It was really good! 

We had one really awesome experience this week. We have an investigator named Roman that is progressing really well and is awesome. He lives about 30 minutes away by car so it takes a while to get to his house and we have to plan well. So on Thursday we had interviews with the Mission President and we got out at 8pm. The assistants were there and one named Elder Hart was going to do splits with a companionship but they were sick so he came with us. We lived together at the beginning of my mission. He is super cool. So we had to take a bus to get to Roman’s house. The buses here are crazy. So when we were half way there the front door just randomly falls off the bus. It was so crazy! hahah. So the bus driver had to stop and everyone had to get off and we had to hitchhike the rest of the way or wait for another bus. We tried calling members but no one could help us. It seemed like there was a lot of opposition in getting to see Roman. Finally, a bus passed by and we got to his house late. He was doing great. We talked and then we began the lesson. It was so good. We talked about how to recognize the Holy Ghost. He shared an experience about how the missionaries had given a priesthood blessing to his daughter and she was healed immediately and he said after that he felt a peace and love that was unexplainable. He said that was the first time that he had ever felt the presence of God in his life. He said that he wanted to just jump up and down and share his happiness with everyone. It was awesome. We told him that he could have that happiness his whole life with baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. He said that is what he wants and he therefore wants to get baptized! After we left, Elder Hart, who is ending his mission this week, said that was one of the best lessons of his whole mission. It was so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The spirit was so strong and after confronting so much opposition on the way to the appointment, we experienced a miracle. Those were the highlights of the week. 

We had a zone activity today and went to the house of the Stake President. He is the most financially well-off Chilean that I have met. He had a huge house and a huge yard. I will send pictures. We played soccer and ate and hung out. He had a fridge that had a water dispenser. Another gringo and I had a moment of silence as we got water from it. It was so good! It has been a year and a half since I have seen one of those. Well that was my week!


Elder Neser



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