Crazy Contacts The Week!!


This week was another wild one! Last Tuesday, we were walking in the street and a guy came up to us and told us this big story about how he needed a ticket to go to Viña del Mar and that he needed money. He said that he was a member of the church and knew we were not allowed to lend money but that he lost his job and needed money desperately. He also asked where the Bishop was located. I was already suspicious of him because no member would ever ask for money from the missionaries. So we told him that at 8pm the Bishop would be at the church. He complained and said he needed the ticket right away because he was hungry and wanted to go home. That’s when it was obvious that he just wanted money from us. So then I spoke very firmly with him. I told him that if he wanted to go to Viña del Mar that the bishop could meet with him at the church and then I said that we had to go. Then we left. People often try to get money from us to buy drugs. This was a little shocking to my companion because this was the first time he had heard a conversation like this. He was traumatized that I would talk to a beggar like that. I explained to him that people try to get money from us and that members know that the Bishop is the one that helps with money problems. 

Then one day this week we went to a fast food place that sells “completos” and while we were waiting, a big buff guy with tattoos came up to me and started to talk to me in English. I was startled. He told me that he was from Brooklyn and that his parents are Chileans and live here. When he was 12, he went to Brooklyn and stayed. Now he lives there and has a wife and kids. It was fun talking to him because he asked me if we saw the “Super Bowl” and if I missed hamburgers. He had a thick New York accent. And he talked with all of the normal United States slang. I didn’t understand some of the things that he said  – hahahaha! My mind thinks in Spanish now! I had another funny experience with a contact that had two big tattoos on his chest. One said “thug life” and the other one said “LA”. His biggest dream is to live in the ghetto of LA and be a gangster rapper. I was totally laughing when I saw this. Another guy we contacted this week lived in Miami for 6 years and washed dishes in a restaurant then came back and bought a house and a store out-right with the money he made washing dishes. Crazy! 

On a spiritual note, yesterday the less active family that we found the other week went to church again! We are still working with the investigators to get them progressing towards baptism! That’s it! 

Elder Neser


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