Two Investigators Moving Toward Baptism!

Hola Todos!

This week flew by!!!!!!!!!! We had a lot to do and in the end the week was very successful. We are working with two investigators named Mauricio and Gladys. Both are progressing very well and want to get baptized which is awesome. Gladys has had trouble giving up drinking tea. She has drunk tea her whole life, like literally her whole life. When she was a baby, instead of giving her milk her parents gave her tea! Who does that? Crazy parents! But this last week we had been praying a lot and working with her and she took big steps toward giving it up. She said that now the taste makes her sick. I know she is getting heavenly help to move toward baptism. 

Yesterday, church started and she still hadn’t arrived. I was nervous because she  was not there but then 5 minutes after the meeting started she walked in. When I saw her, I whispered “yes!” and fist pumped by my side. Some of the members sitting next to me laughed. I was excited that she made it! 

This week I conducted my first baptismal interview! It was cool. We had to travel 40 minutes by bus to this other little town named “llay llay”. There are sister missionaries there. The investigators all passed the interviews, which was great. After the interviews, we had to literally sprint down a hill and through a ghetto neighborhood to make it to the bus stop. The interviews finished at 9:25 pm. and the last bus that left for San Felipe left at 9:30 pm. We got to the bus stop right as the bus pulled up and was going to leave. It was crazy! 

We also had an intense lesson with an older investigator. The missionaries had taught him before and we had tried to set up lessons with him but something always happened and we were unable to meet with him. He lives kind of far in the country so we have to go with a member by car to see him. Finally things worked out and we went. It was 30 minutes away. We got there and right when I saw him I noticed that something was wrong. We sat and talked for a little. The member was a good friend of the investigator. The man first said that he was fine. Then we prayed to start the lesson and right after the prayer he let everything out. He said that a month ago he and his wife separated and that things had just been getting worse in his life. He said that he always feels tired now and the main thing is that there are bad spirits in his house that bother him. It was intense. So we told him that we would bless the house and we told him to take everything that would offend the spirit of our Heavenly Father out of the house. After we blessed the house, it was more peaceful. He was in a bad condition mentally and emotionally. He just looked really scared. We are going to see him again tomorrow. Experiences like this always are a testimony to me of the power of the restored priesthood and that this church is true. That’s what happened to me this week!  

Elder Neser 


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