The ground began to “quake and divide”!

Hola Todos! 

Well, it was a very busy, crazy, stressful, fun week being a District Leader and Trainer in a new sector. However, I feel a lot more relaxed now. After getting to know the sector and finding the investigators that the other missionaries were teaching and getting to know some of the members, I feel better. I had to teach a district class, which was fun. It was my first one so I had no idea what I was doing but they give us instructions regarding what we should teach so it went well. Now, I understand what I am doing and will be better prepared next time. 

It was an interesting week with my new trainee! He is a good missionary and is obedient and excited which is great! It scares him to death to do contacting. Ha! It is so funny. So I have to help him a lot with that. Before his mission, he was a big video game player and didn’t go out a lot and talk with people so that might be why it is hard for him. It has been interesting trying to work with him and teach him because he doesn’t know a lot about being a missionary, especially many things that are like second nature for me now. Training him has been a good experience for me. I have to explain everything really well so that he understands why and how he is supposed to do things. Sometimes he doesn’t like an idea or he doesn’t understand why we do things a certain way but his comfort level will come with time and practice. There are a lot of things like rules that we have to follow that don’t make sense initially but we just have to trust in our leaders and follow them. It is like investigators trying to accept the Word of Wisdom. It doesn’t make sense to them because everyone drinks some alcohol or tea or coffee but that is when it takes faith to follow the commandments. As missionaries, we must also exercise faith as we follow instruction from our Mission President. 

We had a funny experience this week. We were teaching a lesson and all of a sudden the floor started to crack and make loud noises. We got a little scared and the investigator almost started freaking out. Then it got louder and the floor started to lift a little and began to crack and break. If it weren’t for the member that was with us we would have certainly freaked out. The member told us to relax and that the person who had laid down the ceramic flooring had done it badly and because of the heat the glue melted and the floor had begun to deform and break. We had a fun time telling the other missionaries that we taught with so much power and authority that just as the scriptures say the ground began to “quake and divide”. It was pretty hilarious. 

We have one investigator that is progressing really well and will be getting baptized in the coming weeks. He is awesome. His name is Mauricio and is 25 years old. So that was the week! 

Elder Neser



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