“From the city, to the ocean, to the mountains”: I am a District Leader and Trainer in the Andes!!

Hola Todos! 

This past week was great! It was the last week before transfers. We had a lot of great experiences. The biggest news, however, is that there has been a change in my assignment and I was transferred to the “Los Andes” zone. I am in a town called San Felipe. Also, the Mission President called me as “District Leader and Trainer! So this is a huge change!!!!! 

Now I need to figure out this new area and also figure out how to be a District Leader with a “newbie” missionary! This is a lot but I am excited! My new area is really cool. The Andes Mountains are really close. They are huge. I am more in the country here and it is really pretty. It is also just a nicer and more affluent area. So there are not as many “gangster kids” trying to rob the missionaries J. We supposedly have some investigators that are ready to get baptized that I have to contact and encourage to keep progressing. So I am very excited. 

My trainee is a good missionary. In the morning today, I had a meeting with the Mission President and the other new trainers and he let us know what we need to do to help our trainees. He also gave us a booklet called “12 weeks” and we have to take an extra hour to study and teach the trainee about how to be a missionary. I am a little nervous but excited! My trainee is named Elder Pinilla. He is Chilean and from the south of Chile next to Chillan. He is 18 years old. I am his second trainer. So he is not fresh off the plane but he is still super new! He looks like he is about 15 years old! Ha! He has a good sense of humor and is a normal kid. It will be a fun experience teaching him. I will be able to bestow all my wisdom and experience J. I also received a packet on things I need to do as a district leader. That is going to be interesting as well. I need to teach a class every week. I am excited for that, too. That is the big news of the week!  

Elder Neser


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