Happy New Years!!

Feliz Año Nuevo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

This past week flew by! Our New Years was a normal day. We were allowed to watch fireworks from the window of our house if they were visible. We saw a little but not very much. There were a lot of parties. Somebody threw an M-80 at us. Thankfully, nothing happened though. New Years day was fun. We had a two- zone conference with President Essig. A member from our ward made ties for our whole zone that were blue and had the CTR logo on them but in Spanish. The logo is “HLJ”. The other zone was really jealous. 

We have changes next week. I think I will be leaving. Today we were playing soccer in the church and while we were playing a robber came in and stole a missionary backpack. It was crazy. A few missionaries ran to try and catch him but he got away.

I made some New Years resolutions that I will be working on. My theme for the New Year comes from a scripture in Thessalonians. It says: “Quench not the spirit.” I like the meaning of this scripture better in Spanish because it says “No apagueis el espiritu.” The word apagar means to turn off. So it translates to “don’t turn off the spirit.” All of my resolutions are focused on keeping the spirit strong in my life and to never do anything to turn it off. It is important to keep the spirit in all circumstances. 

For example, when you get home at night, the first thing you do when you walk in the house is turn on the lights. If you don’t turn on the lights, you will most likely trip over something or run into things. As you move through the house you turn on more lights. If all the lights are on, then you are free to go where you want to with confidence because you can see everything. If all the lights are off, you will be in darkness and your movement restricted. So by keeping the spirit turned on you will always be able to live in peace and confidence because the spirit will guide you in the light. So that’s my main resolution and I have plans to turn on the spirit in all aspects of my life.

Not much else happened this week! I am doing great and working hard! 

Elder Neser 



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