Christmas is coming . . . !!

Hola Todas: 

This week was awesome! Yesterday, the other two missionaries from my branch had 2 baptisms. My companionship is still working with a couple of investigators to help them get baptized soon. I received an awesome package this week from the Woodbridge Priests, organized by Brother Cazier. They sent a lot of goodies that I have not seen for a long, long time! Like Pop Tarts! My companion from Ecuador became a little addicted and they were all eaten in about 2 days! 

There is a little Christmas spirit here but not much. We visited a street market that had all kinds of things to buy for Christmas, like toys, etc. It was really cool. There were tons of people and music and vendors yelling and trying to sell their products. And everyone was crammed into a skinny street. As we were walking through the street market, we came upon an evangelical preacher, as is common in pubic places like that. He was blasting music and waving a Bible around. When he saw us, he immediately turned off the music and brought out a megaphone that he had. We kept walking forward to pass him knowing full well that we would probably lose our hearing. As we passed him, he followed right behind me and yelled all kinds of things through the megaphone about the Church and the US. It was crazy because his voice was the only thing anyone could hear. The street markets are very loud because there is a lot of different voices vying for your attention. But we kept walking and he followed us yelling. Everyone was staring at us. It was great. After a while he got tired and stopped. We all had a good laugh out of it in the end. 

Something else that is funny is that everyone (investigators, members and other missionaries) call one of the other missionaries in my branch “One Direction” because he is blonde haired and blued eyed. It is super funny. He is super cool though. He played Baseball at BYU last year. His name is Elder Anderson. We played soccer today again with some members. That is some of the highlights of the week! I am excited to skype my family this Wednesday on Christmas day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Elder Neser



One thought on “Christmas is coming . . . !!

  1. Merry Christmas Elder Neser!! I love reading all your wonderful missionary experiences. You’re an awesome missionary. Your parents raised you right and they are so proud of you. We are too.

    Have a wonderful Christmas serving the Lord.
    Love, The Eric and Cathy Mortensen

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