David Archuleta Christmas Concert at the Santiago, Chile Temple!!!!!!

Hola Todos!

So this week was another one for the “Book of Memories”. We attended the Christmas concert at the Santiago, Chile Temple or should I say the DAVID ARCHULETA CONCERT!!! It was so awesome! David Archuleta (American Idol 1st runner-up 2008) and Santiago, Chile missionary sang with a choir of young adults from Santiago. We had amazing seats, too. We went with two investigators. One is named Daniela. She is 25 and studying English because she is hoping to get hired as a nanny for a year in the U.S. The other investigator we took is Maria. She is a grandmother that has the spirit of a 25 year old. The concert was really great. They sang Christmas songs and there was narration about the life of Christ. There were other singers too from Chile that were really good! We also took our investigators for a tour around the gardens of the Temple. There were Christmas lights hung and other decorations. It was a really great experience for the investigators. 

The rest of the week was great also. The elections for the president of Chile were held his past Sunday. So that was interesting! Everyone was voting and nobody was home. I was the conductor of music again in church. The past two Mondays we have played soccer with missionaries, members and investigators. There is an Elder in my district named Elder Anderson that played baseball at BYU last year and started. He and his companion live right next to us and we have lunch with them every day. They are hilarious. Everyone is getting ready for Christmas! That is it for this week!

Elder Neser


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