Elder Neser is transferred to Colina!

Hola todos 

I’ve been transferred! I am outside of Santiago now in a place called Colina. It is a more country location. I am in a trio with 2 zone leaders. So we are a companionship of 3. We all have all been on our missions about the same length of time. One of my companions is Elder Alvarez from Guayaquil, Ecuador and the other companion is named Elder Vosper and he is from Sacramento, California. We ride on bikes and the sector seems really nice. 

Last week was great. We had a super fun Thanksgiving! We were on our way home Thursday night and a member called us and said “Hey I just saw on the news that over in your country its Thanksgiving!” And my reaction was: “I totally forgot!” So when we got home Elder Boelter and I heated up some “turkey” (that were really frozen chicken patties) and put them on our “fresh homemade rolls” (which really were left over slices of bread) and topped it off with “gravy” (which was the hot sauce that has been in the fridge since we got here). We also bought an Inka Cola, which is a soda from Peru. It was not the perfect thanksgiving dinner but we enjoyed it. 

Church yesterday was awesome. A lot of our investigators attended and a lot of less active people that we have been working with attended. It was cool to see some of the fruits from our hard work. The testimonies were great too but the best one was from a recent convert named Juan Chavez. He is an older man that got baptized about a year ago. Before he was baptized, he was a drunk and smoked a ton but then he turned his life around. He has memory problems now so he has to write down his testimony and read it. It was hilarious but it was so simple and powerful. I also enjoyed his testimony because he is very authentic and honest and this made hearing his testimony a very spiritual experience.

Rodolfo received the Aaronic Priesthood and is a priest now. That was very exciting to see. After climbing Cerro Renca last week my legs have been super, super sore. It was pretty funny. It felt like I had been through football “Hell Week” all over again. That’s what you get though for not being able to work out much. Everyone is getting ready for Christmas. Those are some of the highlights of my week! 

Elder Neser  



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