Rodolfo is confirmed and Elder Holland comes tomorrow!


This week flew by! We had interviews with our Mission President and many other fun missionary activities. Rodolfo was confirmed a member of the church yesterday which was awesome! We were so excited for him. 

I had a funny experience playing the piano this week. We were singing the closing hymn and for some reason I thought there were only three verses in the song but there were actually four. So at the end of the third verse, I stopped playing and was going to turn off the piano. But as I was reaching for the button I noticed that the conductor was still conducting and the congregation began to sing another verse. I quickly looked at the music and tried to jump into the song. It all worked out in the end and not too many people noticed but the conductor started laughing and some of the members in the first row did also. It was pretty funny.

Another funny thing happened this week. We found a new investigator who has the funniest name. HIs name is “Jesus de la Cruz Espino,” which translates as “Jesus of the cross thorn”. I have heard some of the craziest names here in Chile. 

So last night at midnight the Mission President called us and told us that my companion was leaving and moving to another sector and that I would be receiving a new companion today. Some of the missionaries in the other sector must have been disobedient or caused problems so the Mission President had to make special changes. So now I have a new companion and he is from Colombia! He is relatively new in the mission and is cool. His name is Elder Lozada. 

The biggest news is that tomorrow we are going to meet Elder Holland and hear him speak to the missions in Santiago!!!!! We have to wake up early and travel to the other side of Santiago. Everyone is so excited! The cool thing is that I will see my friend who is serving in the “West Mission”. We played LAX together at BYU. His name is Elder Lythgoe. Everything else is going great.  

Elder Neser



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