Golden Investigators Galore!


This week ended in such an awesome way because we had a BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was very, very exciting! Rodolfo Caceres got baptized! We have been teaching him the past month and he progressed super-fast. He had gone to church with his friend in another ward for about 2 years but never got baptized. Then he stopped going. But a little over a month ago he was praying for help and guidance because he was going through a hard time. Then two days later, we knocked on his door. He came out and laughed and said: “Hola Elders.” We thought he was a member but he was so friendly because he already had gone to church a long period of time with a friend. After that first meeting we taught him all the lessons and he didn’t have any doubts or problems. He accepted everything and is willing to do everything we’ve challenged him to do. GOLDEN! 

The service was so beautiful! During the service and right before the baptism, my companion and I played a special musical number. I played the piano and my companion played the violin. My companion studied music before his mission and plays the violin very, very well. We played “Nearer My God to Thee.” The spirit was so strong. I almost started crying while playing the piano and my eyes got watery and I thought “Stop! I can’t see the notes now!” Everyone was crying and it was awesome. I was also able to baptize Rodolfo. It was such a great experience. After he came out of the water, I hugged him and he said that he felt a huge relief as he came up out of the water . . .  like a huge weight was taken off of his back. He is going to be a great and strong priesthood holder. 

We also found another family this week that has a similar story. They were praying for direction from God and we knocked on their door a couple days later. They are super awesome! And they are a big family. And here is another cool spiritual experience: we found a teenager that we are now teaching. He is really interested. After the first lesson we gave him a Book of Mormon and challenged him to read the introduction. He read it and then read Moroni 10:3-5. He told us that he read it over and over again. Then he said that he kneeled down and prayed and asked to know if the Book of Mormon was true. He said that he felt a different feeling in his heart. He said it was weird because it was a peaceful sensation that went through his whole body. We testified that it was the spirit. It was so amazing because nobody ever actually reads and prays! 

Finally, we found another investigator this week named Nadia who is progressing really well. She has a crazy spiritual story too. A couple days before we found her, unfortunately she was about to commit suicide because of a lot of problems in her life. She said that in the end, she thought of her little son and didn’t follow through with it. Then we knocked on her door. She went to church this week and stayed for the baptism and she wants to get baptized! She is “golden” too. This week was filled with so many great spiritual experiences. 

To end on a non-spiritual note, a really funny thing that happened this week was we went to an investigator’s house for a lesson. His house is more like a shack and he has an outhouse for a bathroom. There is a low wall that gives a little privacy but not much. And there is no door so it is very open. This investigator also has 5 huge dogs, two of which are pit bulls. So I went to the bathroom and one of the dogs came up and started drinking out of the toilet while I was taking care of business! It was hilarious and a first for a mission experience! But that is my crazy, spiritual, never a dull moment week! 

Elder Neser


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