Elder Neser climbs Cerro Renca and starts a new “no stress” schedule

This week was great!!!!!!!!!!! We had an awesome day today. We just got back from climbing up Cerro Renca! It is this little mountain that is right in the center of Santiago and it has a Hollywood type sign that says “RENCA LA LLEVA” and a big cross on top. This little mountain can be seen from all over the city of Santiago and I have always wanted to climb it so we did it today! It was so fun. 

This past week was great. We taught a lot of people and worked hard. There are a lot of things changing in the mission because our Mission President has this new plan to choose the 10 top baptizing missionaries and make them the Zone leaders and then give them a new companion often so that others learn how to baptize a lot of people. It will be interesting. 

We are teaching a new investigator named Ramon. He was a referral from some members. We have members in our ward that own an auto shop so he took his car there one day and the members gave him a Book of Mormon and he wanted us to come to his house. So we went and he loves when we come over. He went to church yesterday and really liked it. 

The time is flying. I have now completed a year and 3 months of my mission. And Christmas is coming soon. We all received a new booklet that explains how to reduce stress and be healthier. I am not stressed but I read the booklet and it teaches strategies for being more organized and how to eat healthier and exercise, etc. I loved it. Fortunately, I have not really gained weight since I have been here. But I made a new schedule for myself that I am calling “the schedule of success” and I put it up on our wall. It is the basic missionary schedule but with more details and more activities to stay relaxed, organized, healthy and work with more energy. It is really making a difference! This is a good thing for me because I have added some variety to my schedule and set new goals and this makes missionary life more exciting. 

Nobody even knows what Thanksgiving is or means here in Santiago so I will have to figure out something to do to celebrate with Elder Boelter. But that’s it for this week! 

Elder Neser