A Spiritually Powerful Stake Conference and Elder Holland Is Coming in November!


This was another great week. The biggest event was the Stake Conference we had! First we had a session for the adults on Saturday evening and then the regular conference on Sunday morning. It was crazy because we weren’t going to go to the Saturday night session but an hour before the meeting was supposed to start, the Assistants to the President called us and were freaking out and said that all of the missionaries from the stake had to go because an “Area Seventy” was going to be there along with the Mission President and they wanted all of the missionaries in attendance. So we had to run to the house and change into our suits and then run to the Stake Center. When we arrived, there weren’t many members but the Mission President looked relieved to see us. Apparently, he had a meeting with the General Authority right before who asked “all of the missionaries from the stake are going to attend the session tonight right?” President Essig said “of course . . .” and then ran out and called the AP’s and told them to tell us to get to the Stake Center right away. The conference was so great! I actually bore my testimony and related a story about a successful member missionary experience. 

The GA’s name is Elder Ressek. He is from Argentina and is huge. His talk was so powerful. He spoke about missionary work with members and also strongly criticized some Chilean-Mormon traditions. It was pretty funny. He got serious and said: “listen Brothers and Sisters. On Sunday morning you go and wake up your kids and you take them to church. They are not capable enough at a young age to decide whether or not church is a good thing to do. When you wake them up and they complain and say they have their free agency, you tell them that their free agency has been taken away temporarily and after three hours of church it will be given back to them.” Everyone got a good laugh out of this. He talked about something that I love. A main theme of his talk was that Heavenly Father loves us one by one. He then talked about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and said: “the Atonement was performed for all but the blessings are given out personally one by one.” 

It was also shocking for me to see the difference in spiritual power and depth between the speakers. Elder Ressek was much more powerful than the other speakers but that is because he has been called and been given special blessings to preach the gospel as a “Seventy”. He also gave us tips on how to be better missionaries. That was the coolest experience of the week. WE ALSO JUST GOT NEWS THAT ON NOVEMBER 13TH ELDER JEFFREY R. HOLLAND IS GOING TO COME SPEAK TO OUR MISSION. It is hard to believe but Elder Bednar was here just a year ago on my first day in Santiago, Chile. He also visited and spoke to the missionaries. Everyone is super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s it until next week! 

Elder Neser


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