Band-aide Peddler and More Dog Stories


This was another fast week . . . it flew by! We had a lot of fun experiences! In particular, last Monday we had an interesting experience after we went grocery shopping. All four of the missionaries in my apartment were shopping together. We were walking with all of our food and there was a man outside the store selling band aides. So this man (as is common here in Santiago) picked out one of the gringos, elder Boelter, and started talking to him in English and asking for help. The man wanted Elder Boelter to buy some of his band aides. Elder Boelter said no and kept walking. The man insisted a little more then gave up and went after me. I said no but more directly and kept walking down the street. Our companions are both Latinos so they didn’t really understand what the man was saying. Then after I got away he started to yell at us. He started cussing in English and saying negative things about Joseph Smith and the church. He told us that white people should go back to Utah and a bunch of other things. Unfortunately, we had to stand and wait for a taxi and the man kept yelling at us. We were like twenty yards away from him. I looked at Elder Boelter and said “what a jerk.” Then something really cool happened. Elder Boelter dropped his groceries and pulled out his wallet. He then turned and walked towards the man. The man got louder and thought that Elder Boelter wanted to fight him. It was intense and everyone was watching. We were right out in front of a big supermarket. Then Elder Boelter got right up in front of the man and pulled out 1000 pesos, which is about two dollars. Then without saying anything, he handed the man the money and took the band aides from him. Then Elder Boelter walked back to us. The man was quiet and didn’t say anything. Then we got in the taxi and left. Elder Boelter showed us an amazing example of being Christ-like and patient with someone that was harassing and belittling him. I felt badly for what I had said and thought. 

We have continued teaching Rodolfo and he is excited to get baptized on the 3rd of November. We also had some funny contacts this week. One day, we knocked on the door of an elderly woman. She was at least 100 years old. She was so skinny and her eyes were pushed back into her skull so that you could see the bones in her skull. It was crazy but it was so funny also because she had fake teeth so when she talked her fake teeth jumped up and down in her mouth and rattled. It was hilarious. She was actually really smart and had no problem defending her beliefs. It was crazy. 

Also, there is a member of the ward that always likes to come with us when we teach lessons. Also his dog loves following us. His dog is a big Golden Retriever named Terry. Even when we aren’t with the member, his dog finds us and follows us. It is so funny but it also is a problem because all of the other dogs get mad and bark at Terry. And they get really mad because he is a new dog that is coming onto their turf. So we have had some intense dog battles where we have had to pick up rocks and throw them and run. It is always an adrenaline rush when that dog follows us! I am doing great and having a blast here as a missionary in Santiago! 

Elder Neser    


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