Elder Neser meets the Bikers!

Hola! I had some cool experiences this week!

The first experience is a funny one. We were walking down the street and we passed a parked car. I looked inside as we were passing by. On the steering wheel was a super weird looking steering wheel lock. So I looked closer and saw that not only was it a steering wheel lock but it was a baseball bat too. It was so funny. A steering wheel lock and baseball bat combined in one. So you can keep people from stealing your car and beat them up as well. Only in Santiago . . .   

Another funny experience but also spiritual happened last Tuesday. We were looking for an investigator’s house. So we decided to call him and he said that he was in his shop. He told us to come to his shop for a visit. We said okay and headed over. We didn’t know what he did for work because this was going to be the first lesson. We got to the shop and the guy came out with a huge dog. He let us in and we started talking and I asked him what he did for work. He said that he fixes motorcycles. So we went into his shop and he was there with five of his biker friends and they had like 20 motorcycles. So we started talking about motorcycles and they started asking us questions about who we were. In the end, we had an intense conversation about religion and how the church was restored. The amazing thing was that the bikers knew a lot about the Bible and could argue religion well. It was crazy! But we left them with a Book of Mormon because one of them in the end was really interested. It was a funny experience. But now I want to get a motorcycle! Ha! My mom isn’t going to like that too much. 

Rodolfo is progressing really well. He is so excited for his baptism and he went to church yesterday. We are excited for him! He will be getting baptized in 2 weeks we hope. We still have to teach him a lot. 

I played the piano again in church yesterday. It was so fun! Everyone wants me to give piano lessons to their kids in the ward so that they can be the next ward pianist. It is getting hotter but I like it. I got a haircut today. A member cuts our hair for free, which is awesome! That’s it 

Elder Neser