Elder Neser loves General Conference!

Hola como estan?!?!

This week was great and it flew by. I loved General Conference! I learned so much. I loved the quote from Elder Uchtdorf: “doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.” Also I loved Elder Nielsen’s talk and his comparisons to football and sports. He talked with a lot of energy and talked really rapidly. It was kind of funny listening to the translator in Spanish because he was dying trying to keep up with Elder Nielsen and on top of that he had to find words to describe the football terms that Elder Nielsen used. It was funny. It is interesting watching Conference in Spanish. The whole thing is in monotone, which doesn’t help, and it doesn’t have the same feeling as when you are watching it in English. It is also interesting because some of the members of the seventy and Elder Richard G. Scott did their own translations of their talks. They pre-recorded themselves giving the talk in Spanish and played the recorded voice when they talked. A lot of the General Authorities speak Spanish! All of the sessions flew by so fast because that’s how it is as a missionary. I am a lot more focused and interested and I pay attention the whole time J. 

We found a less active family yesterday. They are awesome. They haven’t been to church in 5 years but are anxious to come back. We were talking with the mom in the family and she told us a story about how not to long ago she left to go buy bread and a drink and on her way back to her house she was talking with her friend. Then all of a sudden the bottle of coke that she had exploded in her hand. She was shocked and confused and asked her friend what had happened. Then her friend pointed at her shirt and said that there was blood on it. It turns out that she was shot and the bullet went through her back and out the front of her body and through the bottle. She said that she didn’t feel it! The doctor said that the bullet missed her heart by less that a centimeter. She then bore her testimony about how she felt prompted to pray that day to be protected. She prayed without knowing why but later realized the reason for the prompting. She felt the love of her Heavenly Father and that she was being protected by him. It was a crazy story. 

We are still working with Rodolfo. He went to the Priesthood Session of conference and loved it. He is excited to get baptized. We just have to teach him all of the lessons and then he will be ready to go. My Spanish is improving every day. I read a cool scripture this week in my studies that relates to Elder Nielsen’s talk and the sports theme of some of the talks in conference. It is in 1 Corinthians 9:24. This scripture can apply to any effort that requires hard work and diligence in order to win. 

24 Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain. 

I really like this scripture because it says that in a race, every one runs but only one person will win. So run as fast as you can so that you are that winner. 

In the race of life, we should give all that we can to win the prize of eternal life. In this race only a few will win also. But winning or losing does not depend on our abilities or talents or opportunities. It depends on if we endure the trials of this life well. Did we give all we could? Did we leave it all on the field. Everyone can win. There is enough room in the celestial kingdom for everyone. But it depends on our desire and effort. I heard a talk once about this desire and what it takes to receive eternal life. In the talk, the story is told of a teacher who picked a student to help him make a point. The teacher had a big bucket of water and asked the student to dunk his head in it. The student did and the teacher then held the students head under the water. The student fought and fought for air. He tried everything he could to get his head above the water. Finally, the teacher let the kid breathe. The teacher then taught that we should have the same desire that this student had to breathe air as we do to reach eternal life. We should fight and do all we can to obtain it. I know what the feeling is like to fight for air under water. A breath of air is the only thing that you think about and it is the only thing that matters when you have been held under water. We should have that same desire to receive eternal glory with our families. 

I am doing great and loving the mission! 

Elder Neser


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