Elder Neser plays the piano in church!

Hola todos! 

This week was a great week. I am still getting adapted to Santiago. I am lucky that my companion is Chilean! I am learning a ton from him about Chile and he is helping me a lot with my Spanish. I finally learned this week how to properly roll my R’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited. Everyday during our hour of language study, we have focused on helping me to roll my R’s and finally one day it clicked and now I can do it. It helps with the Spanish because now I sound less like a “Gringo”. 

Yesterday in church I was the pianist! They haven’t had a pianist here in the ward for a while so everyone was excited when I got up and played. I used the simplified version of the hymns but it still works! I was really nervous to play, though. That was my first time as the pianist in a big ward. The bishop picked a song that I didn’t know well so I just kept trying to practice it over and over in my seat during the talks. In the end, it worked out and I only messed up a couple of times but the good thing is that no one noticed. It is fun being in a big ward again but it is also weird because you don’t get to know everyone like you do in a small ward or branch. We have lunch everyday with members though which is awesome. 

I am back to eating the typical Chilean food which is noodles and tomato sauce with hot dogs and rice with chicken. Also we eat a lot of beans. My stomach is really happy with me, not! It hasn’t really been that bad though. My stomach is pretty strong. Fortunately, I haven’t been sick. While on a mission, I have transitioned from normal food to MTC food (yuck!) to Chilean food to Rapa Nui food then back to Chilean food again. Oh fun!! 

We found this awesome investigator named Rodolfo. He has been going to church with his friend in another ward for the past two years and for some reason no one has baptized him. But now he is excited to get baptized! We were pretty stoked when we found him. He is “golden” and it was a miracle that we found him. So now we have to help him make friends in our ward and we have to teach him a few things and he will be ready to go. 

We have been trying to find more people to teach this week. It is a blast living with my friend from the MTC. My companion is super fun and the other missionary that lives with us is awesome! So all the missionaries in our house have a lot of fun together. Elder Boelter and I are the “gringos” and my companion is named “po” and Elder Boelter’s companion is named “pe” (pay). In Chilean Spanish, they say “po” a lot after words. This is similar to Canadians saying “ey” after words. And Peruvians say “pe” after words. So we love calling them “Pe-Po”. It is pretty funny. I am doing great and can’t believe how fast time is going by in the mission! 

Elder Neser


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