Elder Neser will leave Easter Island and he uses his Boy Scout skills!!


This week was awesome! Right now I am in an Internet cafe and outside they are protesting in the streets. Today is the anniversary of the day that Chile annexed Easter Island. So all of the Rapa Nui people are protesting against the Chilean government. There is definitely some tension between them. But nothing crazy is happening. Remember this is a tropical island. Everyone is laid back here. The other big news is that this next week will be my last week on the island! :(. I am sad. I got a new companion temporarily and he is from Colombia. So I am training him about the island. I have to teach him where everything is and I have to teach him Rapa Nui and many other things. He is super cool and a great missionary. My other companion left and he is headed back to Arizona today. He finished his two years! 

There was a big tropical storm that rolled in on Friday and lasted through Saturday. This was a problem because we had a big branch party planned. It was a fish barbeque. Initially, it was raining so hard and there was so much wind that officials announced that people should stay in their houses and should not go in the street. So that pretty much killed all of our plans. But we went down to the church anyways with the fish. We sat in the church waiting. The rain stopped for a little and we thought to ourselves: “what the heck!  Let’s go try and start the fire.” So all of my Eagle Scout skills got put to the test. We had a bunch of wet wood and the wind was blowing strong. We went behind the church and made a little fire pit and started to build the fire. It took a while but after pouring a little motor oil on the wood it started to catch fire pretty quickly and we had our fire going! Then the rain came back and we threw a sheet of metal on top of it to cover it and we ran inside. We just prayed that it would make it through the tropical storm and that the rain would stop. Miraculously the fire made it and the rain stopped again so we ran out and cooked the fish. Then some of the members and investigators came over to the church and we had our barbeque after all. It was a miracle! It turned out to be a great activity. 

We have been working hard trying to find people to teach and the work is going great. That is a little of what happened this week!

Elder Neser 


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