Going to church in a tropical storm!


This week flew by! It was a great week. This past weekend a storm rolled in and it rained a ton, especially on Sunday morning. I will tell a cool story about that later. First of all, my companion and I had a funny experience last Tuesday. We went to go see an investigator and he wasn’t home but his neighbor came out and told us that he was around back. So we said okay and walked around to the back. Before we turned the corner in the back of the house a small dog came out and growled and tried to bite my companion. We walked around it and as we looked around the corner there was a big Rottweiler with a big red spiked collar. We both stepped back really slowly to hide back around the corner. We heard it growl and the little dog kept barking also. Then as we got around the corner my companion yelled “RUN FOR IT!” So we both turned and pushed each other and started running. We looked really funny. We ran and we split up. The dogs went for my companion.  Ha! There were some construction workers that were laughing at us. Fortunately, my companion got away from the dogs and so the dogs went back to their house. Then our investigator appeared from behind the house. The whole experience was a major adrenaline rush but it was also really funny. Our investigator told us that the dogs don’t bite and we didn’t have anything to worry about. We said “yeah, whatever” and laughed. 

We have been teaching a man from Peru for the past couple weeks. It has been a great experience. He is very humble and likes sharing with us. He came here for work and is going back to Peru once he has enough money. He lives in one of those storage crates that you see on trains or ships. He lives with another guy from Peru that is here for work. He is awesome. 

So I have a really awesome story about church yesterday. My companion and I woke up and it was pouring rain!! We were experiencing a major tropical storm. So we got ready for church and the rain had not let up at all. We tried to call some investigators to remind them about church. They all said that they wouldn’t be able to go. In the past, when it rained heavily on a Sunday, we had very low turnouts at church. Even a lot of the members here will stay at home. So my companion and I were worried that there wasn’t going to be anyone there except for us missionaries because it was raining so hard. So we prayed and put all of our waterproof clothing on and headed down to church. We were pretty drenched by the time we got to the building. We started to set up the chapel with the senior couple and were waiting to see who would come. It was getting close to the time to start when we heard a knock on the door. We said, “Come in!” The door opened and in walked four of the sisters in the ward: Sister Sara, Elvira, Maria Tuki and Berta. They started singing Come, Come Ye Saints as they walked in. In Spanish, the first line translates to “Come Saints without fear or trembling, but with joy keep moving” and it ends with “all is well”. This was a spiritual experience for me. The song fit perfectly with the faith that these sisters demonstrated by going out into the storm without fear to attend church. They were so joyous and happy too! Sister Elvira had called all of them up and told them that she would come pick them up. It was so awesome. We only had 8 people there and 4 of them were missionaries. On top of it all, it was Fast and Testimony Meeting. All four of these members bore powerful testimonies. I bore my testimony about the scripture in Helaman 5:12. It says that when we build ourselves on the rock of Christ, the storms of the adversary will have NO power over us and we will NEVER fail. Sundays here are always great. Those are the main things that happened to me this week! 

Elder Neser



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