Jeeps, motorcycles, and bananas!

Lorana Korua! 

This week was awesome! It flew by! We had a lot of great experiences this week. Here are some funny things that happened: On Tuesday night, we got home and we went into the study room to plan for the next day. We planned and then went to the bedroom to change. I walked into the bedroom and turned on the light and there was a cat lying on my bed. It had been raining a lot that day so it probably climbed in through the roof to get protection from the rain. Then it decided to just take a nap on my bed. So then my companion and I had a fun time trying to scare it out of the house. It left my bed all dirty! The houses here aren’t really built very securely and the roofs are just tin held up by planks of wood. So it is very easy for animals and bugs to get in. It was pretty funny though. 

Another day, we taught Alberto at night and it was raining hard so he offered to drive us home. We accepted and we got in his car. He drives this old small Jeep. It is missing the whole driver’s side door and is a very bumpy ride! So it was a fun jungle safari ride to our house. It was raining and muddy and it felt like the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. Pretty much everyone here drives scooters, motorcycles or old Japanese made jeeps. A lot of the young adult males ride Honda XR motorcycles that are meant for dirt biking. They are super loud and big and really fast. You can always hear them! Also, the traffic rules are not enforced at all. So these guys that ride these motorcycles ride most of the time without shoes and shirts and they don’t ever wear helmets. They always go way too fast. Something that is actually pretty cool is that all of them know how to do this trick called a “Haka Rere”. It is basically a wheelie but they hold it for a long time as they ride on their back wheel. They are so good at it and most of them can do it on those little scooters too. 

We have one investigator named Margarita who is an older woman and she is so nice. She always gives us food. One day this week we went over and she needed help cutting down a bunch of bananas. So my companion climbed a ladder onto her roof and cut down this huge bunch of bananas. She then gave us about half of them! The natural Rapa Nui bananas are so good! She also gave us fish that her family caught that day.

We had a funny lesson with Pedro this week. We were teaching him the “Plan of

Salvation”, specifically the three kingdoms of glory. I asked him which one he wanted to go to. He said the kingdom represented by the “moon”. I was shocked and asked why. He said because the sun is way too hot! We all laughed. It was pretty funny. 

We had a lesson yesterday with Berta and we were explaining the creation and we told her that Jesus Christ created the Earth. She was shocked and said no. She said that her whole life the Catholic Church taught her that God created everything. So we further explained it to her and she kept saying that she didn’t understand this concept. So then her friend who is a member asked her, “Do you not understand or do you not accept this idea? There is a big difference between the two.” She said that she couldn’t accept it because it was new and against what she had been taught. It was a great question from her member friend. It made me think of all of our other investigators and made me ask myself if sometimes I confused their lack of understanding with an unwillingness to accept something new or different. So we kept trying to help her understanding so that she could accept what we were teaching and in the end she did accept it. This also brought up another interesting principle that is important to remember. That is that when we learn something new or hear something that is different than what we think is right, does it shake our faith to the point where we don’t believe any more or do we take this new idea and study it out in our minds while continuing with the faith and knowledge that we already have. I think it was a good test for Beta and I think that she passed. 

I am doing great and loving it here on the island! that’s all for this week! 

Elder Neser