Berta is baptized!!


BERTA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome! She was so excited this week and had been preparing a lot for her baptism. She went through some nervousness the day before but then she got over it by singing her favorite hymn “How great Thou Art”. She was really anxious to just get in the water and get baptized. It was awesome. 

So we had the service on Saturday at 5:30 pm. It was a beautiful service. We started at the church and I gave a talk. A tourist who is also a member of the church attended. He is Colombian but grew up in the states and went to the University of Utah and also went on a mission. He spoke Spanish so that was great too. He came to the baptism and helped drive people down to the beach in his rental car. It was a beautiful day! My companion and I sang “I Need Thee Every Hour” at the waters edge. Then we all got in. This time we had the witnesses get in the water too. So my companion baptized and I was one of the witnesses along with the Branch President. The water was a little colder than the last baptism but way warmer than California ocean water! The baptism went smoothly. Then on the way out of the water Berta got up on a rock and shouted “woo-hoo”! So we all stood with her and posed for pictures. She was so excited. She will be a great member. 

Then we all went back up to the church and finished the service. Yesterday we had the confirmation. I got to be the one to confirm her. It was a little nerve-racking but I think I did a good job. After her confirmation, she stood up and shook our hands and then said “Yay” as she turned to the rest of the branch. We all laughed. The branch was very excited. 

The key to her conversion was her friend Elvira who is one of the strong members in the branch. She had been teaching her and had been a great example for her for a long time and finally she decided to refer her to the missionaries and now she is baptized! Member missionary work is very important!! 

This week was a great week. We also did a service project that involved serving food at a “Curanto”, which is an island luau celebration. That was fun but we smelled like smoke afterwards because they were cooking huge pieces of beef on a fire grill. 

We have also been finding some new investigators and teaching a lot. That was my week! 

Elder Neser



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