Elder Neser moves into a new house!


We had another great week on the island. All of our investigators are still progressing well. Berta didn’t get baptized this week but she will be getting baptized on Saturday. She is so excited and ready to get baptized. She has a strong testimony of the church and has a great friend to back her up. 

We moved houses today! Our house was too big and the owner of the house is kind of crazy so we decided it was time to go. We found another house that is smaller and the owner loves the missionaries and the church. They are not members but they lived in Michigan for a while and they know a lot about the church. All day today we have been working on the move. We had to move everything out and to the other house and then clean our old house. It took a while. Luckily it never rained and there weren’t any big problems. So we are happy in our new house. We can’t see the ocean from our house any more but I think we will survive!! 

My companion’s bike broke. We were riding to an investigator’s house and all of a sudden my companion started hearing this clicking noise and then the axle on the bike wheel exploded and flew off. So we had to walk the bikes to the bike shop and now he is renting one. This week flew by really fast. I can hardly remember what happened!! Ha! 

We have this one investigator named Haumaka. He is 12 years old and the grandson of one of the active members of our branch. He is so great and loves the church. He wants to get baptized and has a testimony but his mother and stepfather won’t give him permission to get baptized. So we have been working on that. We went to his house this week to talk with his parents. We got there and sat down and started talking with Haumaka. Then his stepdad came out and started yelling at us and Haumaka. The stepdad told us to get off his property. So we left. It was a bummer! So then we went and talked to the grandma who is a member. She then called up the stepdad and told him that he has no right to kick anyone off the land because he has no right to it. What that means is here on Easter Island only native Rapa Nui people can own land. Chileans have no right to any land. Haumaka’s stepdad is Chilean. The whole property is actually Haumaka’s. It is crazy because here the kids at a very young age inherit big pieces of land. Sometimes they even have houses. The parents take care of the land until the child is old enough and then the child lives on the property or rents it to others. A lot of Rapa Nui people rent their homes. There are also a lot of native Rapa Nui who are unemployed. So in the case of Haumaka, his grandpa died and had a lot of land. But the grandma is Chilean so she couldn’t receive any of the land. So it was passed down to the next generation. So all of the grandkids inherit the land. We are still trying to help Haumaka get permission to get baptized and we are praying a lot. I am doing great and loving the mission. That’s all for this week! 

Elder Neser 



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