Berta is getting baptized!!


This week was so awesome! We are really excited because one of our investigators named Berta approached us and said that she wants to get baptized! She will be getting baptized this Friday! We are so excited! We have been working with her for a while. She is the friend of one of our strong active members. She has a great testimony already but she had to get over some of her fears of baptism! 

It is starting to get a little bit warmer here. There is not much of a change in the weather temperature yet but they say that it will start to warm up a lot more. We are still teaching Alberto. We went over to do service for him. We helped him clean out more branches and cut down trees off of his land. Then he said that he made lunch for us so we accepted his invitation. His friend had caught this huge tuna that morning and gave him a chunk of it. So he cooked half of it in a frying pan and the other half he used to make “ceviche”. Ceviche is just raw fish that is left to sit in lemon juice and eaten with vegetables. I guess it is like sushi. It is a delicacy here and I love it! The lunch was very good. Alberto is still progressing and he came to church yesterday. 

Things here are just going well as usual. We had a great lesson yesterday with the husband of a member. He is a non-member and never has wanted to talk to us before. He is nice but when we ask him if he wants to share his thoughts or comments, he always says no and goes off to another room. So yesterday we went over to check on the member and he came out and said that she was very sick and was probably going to be sent to Santiago for further treatment. We were talking on his porch and he was really bothered and confused. So we asked if we could come in. He said yes and I was shocked. So we went in and sat down. Then he just explained the situation and that he didn’t know what to do. He told us that he doesn’t know what is wrong. He was sad. Then he started to cry. That was crazy because he is a big, tough, hardened man. Then he told us a little about the trials that he has been through in his life. We told him that he could pray to his Heavenly Father and receive comfort. He then went on to tell us that he loves when we come over. Even though he doesn’t talk to us he said that we just bring a peace to the home and it really helps his wife. He told us that we are always welcome in his home and welcome to talk. We then left him with the pamphlet on the “Plan of Salvation”. I was so amazed. He was so different and had a big change in his attitude. I think that the Lord is preparing him to listen and try and understand the gospel. He then gave us a bunch of fish and bread. 

We also have two members that were previously really inactive come back to activity. They are strong in their testimonies and are going to be a great help for the ward! We are very excited about that. That’s about it for my week! 

Elder Neser