Rapanui cave climbing and missionary work is going great!

Hola todos!

Well, this week was awesome! This morning my companion and I went cave climbing on the west side of the island. We went to
caves that the ancient rapa nui used to live in. They were so cool!
This week was also a great week for missionary work! We taught so many
lessons this week. We taught more this week than I have any other week
on the island. We are also finding a lot of people and meeting new

We had one lesson specifically with one of our investigators
named Alberto. He is progressing the best out of any of our
investigators. He is about 70 years old and he is well known and a
well respected rapa nui man. He has lived on the island pretty much
his whole life. He has been fun to teach because he is just super
funny. He has trouble with the Word of Wisdom and if he decides to be baptized, then a lot of people will be against it. But last night
we had an awesome lesson with him. We talked about faith as a seed in Alma 32
and we asked him how his experience has been with the church. He
explained that he feels good and knows that it is good. He also said
he has felt his faith in God grow and he wants to know if it is really
all true. The spirit was so strong and he spoke about his doubts. Then
my companion read some powerful scriptures and it came to a point where we
just sat in silence for I think almost a full minute. He was just
thinking and thinking and I believe that the spirit was just pounding
in him. Then we marked a part in the Book of Mormon for him to read
and left him. We are praying that he keeps on progressing and that he
decides to keep going. He would be a huge help for the church here
because he and his family are very well known here on the island. His
cousin is the mayor of the island too. So we are working with him and
with a few other investigators. 

We had a funny experience this week. We went up to knock on a door and the person opened the door and started talking to us. Then it started pouring rain as we talked with the person. Then at the end of the contact, the rain stopped and we went
back out to get our bikes. They were drenched. It was funny that
there was a full on storm in about 5 minutes. Then it stopped and
was sunny again. I am doing great and having a blast!

Elder Neser


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