Happy Birthday Elder Neser!

Hola Lorana Korua!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for wishing me “happy birthday!” I had a great birthday yesterday and really enjoyed it. I had the best birthday party/Family Home Evening ever! The branch planned a birthday party for me that my companion and I kind of new about but it was supposed to be a surprise so we didn’t know all of the details. We thought we were just going to have Family Home Evening and then eat cake afterwards and that would be it. We were wrong. We arrived at the church in the evening and we walked in and the lights were off. Then the lights turned on and everyone said “Feliz Cumpleaños!” The crazy thing was that there were 30 to 40 people there! There is only about 8 active members so we were wondering who all of the other people were . . .   

On Sunday, two girls who were tourists attended church. One was a member and the other was her friend. They were from Chile. We talked to them and got to know them. They were here to be part of a dance celebration. So then we told them about the Family Home Evening that we were going to have the next day. They said that they would try to come. It turns out that the girl who is a member got her whole dance group to come with her to the Family Home Evening/birthday party! It was insane! So they were all there and they sang me happy birthday and they performed some Chilean and Rapa Nui dances. It was so awesome. Then they served cake and a lot of food. The party was awesome and in the end we shared a message about the gospel with them because much of the group there was not Mormon. So it was a great missionary activity. They all liked it. The members gave me presents and made me a lei to wear around my neck. It was probably one of the best birthdays ever. The cool part though was the amazing testimony and example of the one Mormon girl in this dance group. She first brought her friend to church then got her whole dance group to come to Family Home Evening. It is amazing because even though this member was on a vacation on Easter Island she decided to be a member missionary and bring her friends to church. She was a great example.

The rest of the week was great. We are finding a lot of people and have some investigators progressing towards baptism. We are having a blast here and working so hard. The time has flown. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission in such an amazing place in the world. That’s all for this week! 

Elder Neser  


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