Coconut and Luaus

Hola todos! 

This week was awesome! 

First, I would like to share some “food experiences”. One of our investigators gave us fresh coconuts from his tree that he cut down. So we took them home and were wondering how to open them. We didn’t have a knife big enough and the shells are really hard. So we thought like cavemen (or “Bear Grills”) and said to ourselves,  “let’s go find a sharp rock!” So we went outside and found a sharp rock. Then we started banging our coconuts on the rock and not too long afterwards we had fresh coconut milk and were eating the coconut meat. The coconuts were so good! 

We also had a branch activity this week that was a barbeque by a Moai statue platform. Some of the men from the branch and our investigators went and caught fish and we had a big barbeque. It was so great. A lot of investigators came and it was a great way for the branch to grow closer. Then last night we taught another investigator who had gone fishing and he caught more fish than he could eat. So he gave us his extra fish and we are going to cook them for lunch today! So much fish!

Also, this week we helped with some service projects but my favorite one was when we helped an investigator do some gardening. Gardening on Easter Island is a little different than normal gardening. The main reason is because things grow about 10 times as fast and about 10 times bigger. So it was like a major workout trying to pull out plants and throw them into the back of a truck. Then haul them out to the main street where a big trash truck would come pick it all up. This is a little different than the kind of gardening I am used to in Irvine, CA. 

A couple of days ago, we went to something called a “corranto”. It is a big luau celebration where one family makes food for the whole island. They cook pig and sweet potatoes called “camotes” and other side dishes in a traditional “rapanui” way. It is so good and so awesome. They put on one of these luaus about once a month and lots of islanders go. Then everyone sits down on the ground and eats and talks. It was great because we met a lot of people and got free food! 

We have an investigator that is progressing very, very well. She is a friend of a member and is very excited to get baptized. She is following through on all her commitments and it looks like she will be getting baptized in two weeks. We are so excited! 

Things are going great out here on the island. Also, today my companion and I went and climbed to the top of the highest point on the island. It was amazing because you can turn 360 degrees and see ocean all around you. It is a crazy sight to look around and see nothing but water. You really get a sense that you are on a small little piece of land jutting out of the vast Pacific Ocean!

We are finding people and seeing the excitement in the branch grow. It is so exciting to see and a great blessing. I am really starting to understand and speak Rapanui. It is awesome because the Rapanui people understand the gospel better in their native tongue and I am so happy I am learning it. If I stay long enough, I believe that I will be able to speak it with some confidence. That is my week! 

Elder Neser


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