Elder Neser juggles Spanish, Portuguese, Rapanui and English!


Well, I am learning more and more Rapanui every week. This past week we went to contact an investigator in his house and he greeted me in Rapa Nui so I greeted him in Rapanui. Then he asked me what we were doing here in Rapa Nui and I understood and responded back!!!! It was so awesome! One of the members bought us a “Rapa Nui to Spanish Dictionary” and is teaching us how to pray in the language. It is awesome!

This week was a very interesting week. Yesterday in Church I gave a talk about being honest. As a missionary, I have really come to appreciate people who are honest. There are so many people who tell us that they will be in their house at a certain time or say that they will come to church and then they end up not showing up. It is really interesting to see the difference between the honest and the dishonest. The honest seekers of the truth always do what they say they are going to do and do the small things that show they are sincerely interested in learning. There are a lot of scriptures that talk about the honest in heart and how they will be accepted in the last day. They will be accepted because they did what they were supposed to do and didn’t lie.  There is a scripture in Ecclesiastes in the OId Testament that says “It is better not to vow, than to vow and not pay.” Honesty is so important. 

But also yesterday in church, two tourists that are members of the church attended our meetings. They were friends and came here for a vacation. One of them was from Brazil and the other was from Riverside, California! The one from Riverside didn’t speak any Spanish and the one from Brazil only spoke Portuguese and broken English.  They were so excited to find people who spoke English. They loved attending church here! The tourist from Brazil gave the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting in Portuguese. It was a crazy day with languages in church because Richard gave the opening prayer in Rapanui. Then President Terry conducted the sacrament in English and broken Spanish then the rest of the meeting was in Spanish and at the end the Brazilian ended the meeting in Portuguese. The cool thing is that I could understand English and Spanish perfectly and Portuguese is basically Spanish with a really weird accent so I understood most of that and I am beginning to understand Rapanui. My mind is going to explode from exposure to so many languages! We also had a lot of inactive members come to church and a number of investigators. It was so awesome. The problem is that every week we have different people that come. If everyone who comes to church would come every week then the church would be filled to the brim! We are praying for that every Sunday! We are teaching a lot of lessons and seeing the work here explode. We have a few baptisms coming up so we are excited. My Mission President said that I will probably be staying here until August so I am pretty excited!!!!!!!!!!! That’s all for this week! 

Elder Neser


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