Two baptisms in one weekend and in the ocean!


Pe he Korua? Riva Riva? This week was pretty much the best week! I went into the ocean! Like I went into the water! Don’t worry! I had permission. We had 2 baptisms this week and I got chosen to baptize one of them! The first baptism was on Friday. Her name was Maria Tuki! She is Napa Nui and I will explain a cool story that she told us. The second one was on Saturday. Her name is Andrea Oteiza. I got to baptize her. It was literally like a dream come true. I felt so blessed and am so grateful. Saturday turned out to be a really beautiful day and the sunset was incredible. Andrea is married to a man named Fernando who is a marine. They live on the navy base here. We are going to work with Fernando and hopefully he will get baptized too! I hope you can all see the pictures. My words that I write don’t do it justice. Then today we went and saw the 7 Moai that face the ocean and we went climbing in lava tubes and caves on the west coast. It was a pretty amazing week. 

So here is my story about Maria Tuki and her baptism. Maria Tuki is Rapa Nui or native polynesian. We found her when I first got here. We contacted her at her door. She said that when we were walking to her door she saw us and she got this unusual feeling in her heart but didn’t want to talk to us because of her Catholic traditions. In the end, she opened the door and talked with us. She is very humble and she got baptized in a very short amount of time. The cool part of the story is that she told us about a dream that she had. In her dream, she was at a train station with her dad and her dad was leaving for “heaven” (key part of story- her dad had already passed away when she had this dream and she had the dream about 20 years ago). She wanted to go with her dad because she wanted to be with him. Her dad told her no and said that she had to change and become a saint first. He told her that when her time to change came, she would know because her heart would tell her. Then her dad said that he would be waiting for her on that day. She said that she forgot about this dream for 20 years until she met us and then she remembered it. She told us that she felt something in her heart witness to her that what we were sharing was right, even from the first time that she saw us. The most awesome part of the story is that Maria was going to get baptized on the 15th but she was ready to get baptized earlier and so my companion and I felt that we should ask her to get baptized on the 7th. She accepted and got baptized. When we asked her if the 7th was okay she told us that it was her dad’s birthday. So amazing! It seems her dream has come true. Now we are helping her to prepare to go to the temple and do the saving work for her father. Maria’s baptism and confirmation were also very special because Richard conducted the baptismal service in Rapa Nui. Then Elder Gibby and I learned and sang “I am a child of God” in Rapa Nui and then Richard confirmed Maria in Rapa nui. It was so amazing. The spirit was so strong in every part of the baptism. Richard got emotional afterwards when he bore his testimony in Rapa Nui at the end of the baptismal service. That’s what my week was like. Baptisms in the ocean at sunset, Moai viewing and lava tube climbing. I am so grateful to be a missionary on Easter Island! 

Elder Neser


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