Pedro is baptized!


How is it going? Pedro got baptized! And in the ocean! With the sunset! It was so awesome! He was so excited and so happy. It was an amazing experience. We started the service in the church and then we all went down to the beach to this spot called “Poco Poco”. We got there and the sun was going down fast so then we helped Pedro get in the water with Richard. Then they walked out and Richard performed the baptism. When Pedro came out of the water he was crying and he and Richard hugged for a little. Then they came back out of the water and my companion and I sang “Nearer My God to Thee” which is Pedro’s favorite hymn. It was so awesome. The next day was “Fast and Testimony Meeting”. Everyone got up and bore their testimonies. I bore my testimony about the experience and felt the spirit really strongly. We also have two more baptisms coming up this week! One on Friday and the other on Saturday! We are so excited! My companion is sending some photos. 

We also went to the Volcano Rano Raraku today where all of the Moais were carved. It was pretty spectacular. There were hundreds of Moais and you could see them in all the stages of production. It looks like they were starting to carve some and then they just left them in the side of the mountain and didn’t finish. It is pretty interesting. 

Also this week was great. The main event was the baptism of Pedro. We also taught a lot of good lessons and have been finding some great people. The branch here is growing and we think that now the church is going to grow here and not stop like it has in the past. I miss you! 

Elder Neser


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