Rapa Nui fishing and a tropical catch!

Hola todos! Esta semana was awesome!!!! To begin with, my companion, Elder Terry (senior missionary), Richard who is a member on the island, and I went fishing today! Richard took us in his truck to the other side of the island. We then hiked to this secret fishing spot Richard knew about and he got out these special Rapa Nui fishing poles. They weren’t really standard fishing poles. They were like big PVC pipes with fish line wrapped around them. The technique is to throw the line in the water and pull it in by hand. It was pretty hard. I caught one little fish and with a little help I caught a bigger one. It was amazing to watch Richard though. He is native Rapa Nui and has been doing this kind of fishing his whole life. He caught around ten fish but his last catch of the day was the most amazing.

We were leaving and then he said wait just 5 minutes. I am going to go over here and catch a huge colorful fish that I think might be there. So he goes over to this spot and first catches a little crab that was climbing in the rocks and puts it on his hook. Then he just casts out his line and in about 30 seconds this huge fish bit his line. He was battling with it but pulled it in. It was huge and one of the coolest fish I have ever seen. I have never seen a fish like that before. It was super colorful and very heavy. He let us all hold it and we took pictures with it. It was so crazy because it only took him about 2 minutes to catch this huge, tropical fish. So now we have a ton of fish and Richard is going to barbeque them all for us. It is going to be so good.

I got to talk to my family through “skype” yesterday. It was so awesome! I have one cool story to share. We have really seen how true the scripture is that says “there is opposition in all things”. We have been teaching an investigator from Tahiti along with his wife. They are both in their twenties and have a baby on the way. They are so awesome. The husband is named Teva and he is so cool. Both he and his wife are interested in the gospel. However, Teva has a drinking problem. He drinks a lot. So on Thursday we had a lesson planned with them. When we got to their house we realized that they weren’t there. The neighbor told us to go to the courthouse and said that something bad happened the night before. So we went to the courthouse and to make a long story short, Teva is now in jail for a couple of bad choices he made while he was under the influence of alcohol and will probably get deported back to Tahiti. His wife was so sad and depressed and doesn’t know what to do. We went to see Teva in jail and we taught him. He felt so bad. He was so sad for what happened and all he could think about was his wife. We taught him about repenting and changing. It was so sad to see because he really is such a great person. When he drinks he changes and can’t control himself and now he has a very complicated future ahead of him with a lot of trials. His wife is going to go through a lot too and she is pregnant. It was so crazy to be able to see the whole thing unfold so fast and how lives were changed in a matter of minutes. We are going to visit Teva in jail and we have made friends with a lot of the jail members, which is pretty cool. They are all pretty nice. I have received a greater testimony about the “Word of Wisdom” and how it is true revelation from God to protect us. I am having a blast and hope you like the picture of the fish!

Elder Neser


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