More Island Adventures!

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!

This week was awesome! I had many cool experiences and I love it here on the island. We are teaching this man named Pedro Bacho. He is so prepared and awesome! He is a famous musician in Chile. He has been nominated this year for some big award in Chilean music. It is like the “Grammys” of Chile someone told us. The crazy thing is that a couple of years ago when the earthquake hit Chile, he had an accident. Something happened and now he has a disorder where he does everything slowly. He is very hard to understand sometimes. He is so great though. He always tells us that he wants to change his life. He has also shown us that he is willing to change. He has a very hard time walking on his own so it is hard for him to get around. This Sunday, he came to church though! We went to his house Sunday morning and helped him get into a taxi. Then when we got to the church, we helped him walk up the stairs. It was so inspiring to see. He is so determined. We also taught him a lesson and he told us that the people he lives with always offer him alcohol and he says no and drinks water. It is so funny when he tells us this. We haven’t even taught him the “Word of Wisdom” and he is already willing to follow it. He also told us something very interesting. He told us that a lot of people are telling him to stop talking with us. They are telling him that the Mormons are bad. He says that he doesn’t want to stop our discussions even though he is hearing these rumors. He said that he feels this is right and he says that he feels good when we are around. It was such a cool spiritual experience. His baptism is in 2 weeks. We are so excited!

We also have a family that we are teaching and they are going to get baptized in 2 weeks! The work has really progressed here on the island. The church is growing. We are finding inactive members and helping them come back. I feel there is a lot more excitement growing in the church. It is awesome to see. Even though there are only about three members in church every week it is exciting and we are seeing small steps of progress. My companion and I have been helping a Rapa Nui family re-activate. The wife in the family knows how to sing, “I Am a Child of God” in Rapa Nui. So we wrote down all the words and now my companion and I are learning it!

We have also had more unusual cultural experiences here. There was a person who passed away last week. So for the next month or so, people from all over the island will go to the house of the deceased and mourn and eat with the family. This tradition seems to be a mix of Catholic culture and Rapa Nui culture. So many times when we try and teach investigators we can’t because they are at the deceased person’s house mourning. It is also crazy because when we talk to people and ask them how they are doing, they always mention that one of their family members passed away and it is the same person they are referring to. So, evidently, everyone on the island is related!

Church was pretty crazy. So there are very few members and one priesthood holder. So between my companion and I and this one priesthood holder we have to split up all of the responsibilities. I conducted the meeting and also was the pianist. Yes, mother! I was the pianist. We have the simplified hymnbook so I play those hymns in church. During the sacrament hymn, we realized that no one was breaking the bread. My companion was directing the music and the other priesthood holder was going to pass the sacrament. So halfway through the hymn I stopped playing and went over and broke the bread! Then I blessed it. It was Fast and Testimony meeting. It was so awesome to hear all of the member’s testimonies. Those are some of the stories from my week! 

Elder Neser


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