I love Easter Island!


I am just having a blast on Easter Island! This letter is going to be very short because we went on a big tour of the island today and got back late. So here are some highlights … I was called as second counselor in the Branch Presidency! We met a guy that studied and graduated from BYU Hawaii and now is a famous singer in the Islands. His name is “Hamuana”. His music is on ITunes. 

We also had another really cool experience. We met a Southern Baptist tourist on Friday. He saw us and yelled: “Elders!” So we rode over to him. He said that he knew the missionaries and knows our religion. He said he was here on vacation and he was really nice person. So my companion told him that he should read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true. He said that he has read the Book of Mormon but then he said: “what you guys are doing is great but in your religious beliefs you guys are a little misled.” We then shared our testimonies with him and then he left. 

On Sunday after church, we were sitting and talking with the members and we saw this same guy walking up to the church. So we ran out to say hi to him. He greeted us and told us that he wanted to talk. So we went into the church and sat down and started talking. He asked us how we were and then he said: “I came to tell you guys I am sorry for what I said the other day.” I was a little shocked. He also said: “after I said that to you it bothered me and it has bothered me for these past two days.” He said that he didn’t mean it and thought we were doing great things. We were shocked. Then he left. It was a very interesting experience. He must have really been bothered to take time out of his day to walk all the way to the church and find us to say he was sorry, not to mention that he probably paid a whole lot of money to be there and was only going to be there for a couple of days. I really believe that it was the spirit bothering him. 

The gospel really is true. I am doing great and having a blast. It has rained a lot this week but it is always sunny too. I will have more stories next week. 

Elder Neser


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