Elder Neser arrives on Easter Island!


Well I am officially on Easter Island! I left this morning at 7:00 am. and headed for the airport. My flight left from Santiago at 9:30 am. and I arrived here at about 12:00 pm. Easter Island time. The flight was about 5 1/2 hours. There were a lot of people on the flight. I actually went on a large commercial plane. There were people from all around the world on my flight. It was so cool! The island is amazing! It is so far away and there is nothing close!

The island has nice tropical weather. Today, it was a little cloudy and windy but still about 73 degrees. We landed on this little tarmac strip and everybody got out onto the tarmac and walked to where they gave us our bags. It was so crazy getting off the plane. It was a complete change of worlds. I picked up my bags and met up with my companion, Elder Gibby, and the senior missionary couple that live here. They gave me a flower lei to wear. It really feels like Hawaii but everyone speaks Spanish and Rapanui. It is also super laid back here. We went to the house and I put my stuff away. Then we got on our bikes and went to a food stand right on the beach and got lunch. We ate fish empanadas. They seem to eat a mix of Chilean food and island food here. It was so good. So we ate and I watched the waves and looked at the Moai statues on the shore. It was pretty spectacular. This place is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!! 

So my companion said that everyone speaks Spanish as his or her second language, which means they understand Rapanui best but they also understand Spanish. So I am going to try and learn a little Rapanui! It is very green and hilly on the island and humid with an ocean breeze. I am so sorry if I am making anyone jealous! I can’t believe I am here either! It feels like a dream! My previous companion, Elder Roberts, is on Robinson Crusoe Island. He flew out yesterday. I will just have to take lots of pictures and send them to you because words don’t do it justice! 

Elder Neser


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