Elder Neser saves a kitten and leaves for Easter Island next week!

Hola todo! 

Things have been going just great this week! So I got the news that I will be leaving for Easter Island next week on the 15th of April. If there is no flight available that day, then I will leave on the 16th or 17th. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to talk about this transfer with the mission president and his wife this week. They said that I fly out on a commercial airliner and the flight is about 5 to 6 hours! That means that Easter Island is really far away! I am a little nervous because this will be another big cultural and language and everything change! It is going to be like changing missions again. CRAZY! But I am really excited about this opportunity and that overshadows my nervousness. 

This week was filled with cool experiences and also some funny ones. First of all, last Tuesday we were looking for a “cyber-café” so that we could use the Internet and we couldn’t find one that was open. So we were walking in the street and passed a tree. We heard a cat meowing in the tree. Then a kid came up to us and pointed up in the tree and told us that his kitten was stuck up there. We looked and saw the kitten and at first we tried to scare it down and call it down but it wouldn’t move from the branch it was on. So then my companion asked the kid if he had a ladder. He directed us to a ladder and we carried it over to the tree. The ladder was a little old and wasn’t the most sturdy thing either. So my companion looked at me and said: well are you going to go save the kitten? I laughed and said okay. So I climbed up the ladder and got close to the kitten. It was scared so I tried to calm it by petting it. I then grabbed it by its stomach and carried it down. I didn’t get an applause like the firemen get in the movies but it was so awesome! The kid was so happy! I got all dirty and we had to go back to the house to change.

Another cool thing is that we have an investigator named Jose Hernandez. He is so awesome because he owns his own shoe repair business, but he also makes his own leather belts and sells them and he races greyhounds. He is a pretty “manly guy”. He repairs shoes, makes belts and races greyhounds – wow! We went to see one greyhound race on Friday night when we were walking by the track. Those dogs run so fast! I have never seen anything like this. Jose is also very nice and loves learning and talking with us. He has become an investigator and is progressing but very slowly. He also made us some belts, so we always wear them around. It is so fun to meet so many different people with different hobbies and ideas about life. 

I had a great time listening to conference last weekend. Here they show all of the conference sessions in the stake center and there is someone in Salt Lake who translates all of the talks into Spanish while the conference is being broadcast. It was great and I understood all of it but it is not quite the same as listening to it in English. The translator talks in a monotone voice the whole time so, for example, when Elder Holland was bearing his testimony it just wasn’t the same. It was still great though. I am excited to get the “Liahona” in English and read all the conference talks! One of my favorite talks was the talk by Richard G. Scott because he actually translated his own talk! He must have pre-recorded himself and then given it to the people who do the translating and then they played it while he talked. It was so cool! He was the only one out of all the speakers to do this. I also loved all of President Uchtdorf’s talks and President Monson’s talks. They did a really good job! My favorite of all of them was Elder Uchtdorf’s talk from the priesthood session. 

Also, we had a family home evening last night with a member and her inactive friend. The cool thing was that the member is an English professor! She lived in the USA for two years. So we talked with her about everything American. She also made us peanut butter cookies! They were so good! They weren’t as good as my mom makes but they were still good because we haven’t eaten cookies in a long time! So while we were there, we taught her inactive friend. The lesson was so spiritual. We all bore our testimonies and at the end, the inactive friend bore her testimony and said she wants to come back to church. It was so awesome! Everyone was crying and the spirit was so strong. 

Today, we attended the temple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so awesome! The temple is about 30 minutes away from our house. This month, all of the missionaries from our mission are going to the temple. Our zone got to go today. It was so fun and a really good experience. It was so relieving to go into the temple and relax. The temples are really the “House of the Lord” where we can find peace and relief from the outside world. I am so happy that we got to go today because if we hadn’t, I would probably have missed the opportunity due to the fact that I will be leaving next week. My companion and I have been working hard and are having a blast! That’s my week! 

Elder Neser 


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