Elder Neser eats baked “sea-weed”


My P-day got changed again just for this week. So today is my P-day. But next week it will be on Monday again. Things are going great! My new companion is super funny and awesome! I am learning a ton from him and my Spanish is getting way better!!!! My new area is very cool. 

So here are some stories from the week. First, last Tuesday we went to teach one of our investigators named Mariel. When we entered the house her and her mom were eating this weird plant. They offered it to us. I ate it and it tasted fishy and salty. I asked them what it was. They said it is called “cochallullo”. It is from the ocean. So I guessed that it was seaweed. She said that it is seaweed taken and dried in the sun for a period of time until it is hardened and crunchy like a chip. Then they take these long strands of this “cochallullo” and twist them up and then sell them. It was very interesting. I kind of liked it but to be nice I told the investigator that I REALLY liked it. So she gave me a big chunk of it to take with us. So when we left I had this big thing of dried seaweed that I had to carry around. We left and were walking down the street and passed by this guy selling bread. (There are a lot of people here who make their own homemade bread called pan amosado and sell it.) This guy had his oven on a cart and was making the bread right there in the street and selling it. So as we passed by he yelled to us and asked me if what I was carrying was cochallullo. I said yes and he motioned me to come over. When we got to him he grabbed my seaweed and threw it in his oven with the bread. He said: “Just wait, you are going to like this”. After a few minutes he pulled it out and wrapped it in a napkin and handed it to me. It was all burnt. With an excited smile he told me to try it. My mind and body were telling me “don’t you dare put that in your mouth.” But as I have done many times while on my mission, I smiled and said “okay”! I took a bite. It was one of the grossest things that I have ever tasted. I thanked the man, but as soon as we got far enough away I looked for a trashcan and threw away the burnt seaweed as fast as I could. 

Here is another story. We have this investigator named Patricia who lives in these blocks in my sector. We went to see her on Wednesday and when we got to her gate, as custom here in Chile, we yelled “Ah-lo” to let her know we were outside. Right when we yelled it, these two big dogs came running out and jumped on the fence. One of them was a big pit-bull. I jumped back quickly. My companion on the other hand went right to the pit-bull and started playing with it and petting it through the fence. I told him that he was crazy! The investigator came out and opened the gate to let us in. I asked her if it was safe or if I was going to be killed. She laughed and said that the pit-bull won’t do anything and that he is loving and nice. So I slowly walked in through the fence and made my way straight to the door trying not to attract attention to myself. But it didn’t work. The pit-bull came right at me and jumped up and punched me with its two front paws. The dog then licked my leg and ran around me. I was scared out of my mind but I bent down to pet it. We somehow became best friends. I love that dog! 

Last Sunday, we had to introduce ourselves in church. It was Fast and Testimony Meeting. So each of the new missionaries got up and introduced themselves. The branch is really small. There were 20 people there at the beginning of the meeting. But four of the twenty were missionaries and 5 were investigators. People kept coming in throughout the meeting and in the end there were about fifty people in attendance. It was very interesting. So all of the missionaries got up and introduced themselves and we bore our testimonies. There is one missionary named Elder Jessup in the ward. He is from Utah and has been on his mission about the same. He is super funny. When he introduced himself he said that his name was Elder Jessup, but to clarify how to pronounce it, he said that it sounds like ketchup. In Spanish, his name and ketchup are very similar. It was really funny because most of the ward didn’t understand and now they all call him Elder Ketchup. 

Those are some of the stories from the week. I know that this church is true and I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I know that the scriptures are the word of God and that we need to study them daily to be protected from the storms of the adversary. I hope you all have a great week! 

Elder Neser



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