Elder Neser is transferred and has a Argentinian companion!


Well today has been crazy because we had companion changes! It was very sad. Well not really but it was sad leaving my companion Elder Evans because we have been companions for more than 4 months and he trained me. But it was definitely time to move on. We had done everything we could in that sector and the last week we were just knocking doors and getting nowhere. It was bitter sweet to be transferred. 

So I got moved to this sector called “los conquistadores”. It is five minutes from my old sector. Pretty funny, eh? I basically changed between wards in my stake. I am with Elder Ferreyra now. He is from Argentina and doesn’t speak a any English. Talk about immersion in Spanish now. I am still in downtown Santiago, but I am on the outskirts. So it is not as “downtowny” in this new area. It is going to be an interesting experience but I am really excited and ready to start trying new things in the mission! 

So here are some stories from last week! Yesterday, we said goodbye to everyone in the ward and some of our investigators. Pretty much all of them were crying. It was sad but my companion and I were ready to leave. I left my planner in the other sector so I don’t have all my notes of what happened during the week. Elder Evans and I knocked on a lot of doors and met a lot of interesting people. We were just trying to finish out the week in the sector by trying to find some people for the next missionaries. So sorry about the weak letter this week but I don’t remember any of the things that happened off the top of my head. We do so much all day everyday and it goes by so fast! I am having a blast here in Chile and on the mission! That’s all for now!

Elder Neser


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