Welcome to Elder Gomez from Argentina!


So yesterday we had interviews with the Mission President and he changed P-day to today. That is why I am writing today and didn’t write yesterday! 

This week was so awesome! First of all, we got a new Elder in the house. His name is Elder Gomez and he is from Argentina. He is really funny and a really good cook. He looks like “Po” (the panda in “Kung Fu Panda”). I have learned a ton from living with him because this is the first time that I have lived with a Latino. I really have seen and learned about some of the differences in culture by the small things that he does differently than we would do in the “States”. It is a great experience. He loves music and one of his favorite songs is “Jesus Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood. Imagine Po from Kung Fu Panda singing Carrie Underwood with a Spanish accent. I get a really good laugh out of it. I talk with him a lot and he is hilarious. My Spanish has definitely improved because now we have to speak it all the time with Elder Gomez. He only knows a couple words in English. 

We also had another big change in the house this week! One morning my companion and I were making this stand to put pamphlets on. My companion didn’t like the way it looked so he said he was going to paint it. He found these two big paint buckets in the house and started to paint the stand. After this project, he announced that he was going to paint the front door of our apartment a little to cover some of the marks. Then he decided to do another door and then it turned into painting the entire place! So whenever he had some extra time at night or in the morning he got out these buckets of paint and this little hand brush and started painting. I helped paint a little too. The house looks way better now! It was so funny. 

Here are some cool stories from the week. This week we had a hard time finding people, but we found one guy named Alexander. He is probably about 30 years old and we found him by knocking on doors. He let us in and we started talking. He told us about himself. He speaks four languages: Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese. He spoke with us in English a little bit. He also told us that he has a PhD in chemistry and showed us his diploma. It was impressive. His field of specialty is quantum chemistry. He is very intelligent. So we asked him about his views on religion. He said that because of all of his studies, over time he has lost his belief in God but he likes learning and wants to hear our beliefs. It made me think about Science and Religion and the battle between them. I thought about him and me in regards to study and faith and our respective beliefs. In my opinion, to believe that there was some “Big Bang” cosmic event takes just as much faith as does believing that there is a God. At the beginning of Alexander’s studies, he didn’t know much at all about the origin of the universe just like someone studying about God or religion for the first time. But over time, he learned more and more about science and started to believe and have faith in it because of the evidence he was introduced to. I’ve had the same experience with religion. I have studied scriptures and have received spiritual evidences that there is a God. His belief and faith in science is equal to my belief and faith in God. The question is, who is really better off in the end? From a belief in God, we can receive hope in a better life and in a better world. We can receive countless blessings of happiness and security. We can live in happy families for eternity. In short we can have a better life with the goal in the end to live with God. I like those options much better than believing that I evolved from “primitive man” and when I die its all over. With no belief in God, in the end nothing really matters. I know that I have been blessed for believing that there is a God. I know my life is better than it would have been without God and I know that it will keep getting better.

My companion and I had a funny experience yesterday. We were walking to Patricia’s house and we passed by this old woman sweeping outside her house. We went over to talk to her and help her. She looked really old and looked like she needed help. So we started talking to her and asked if we could help. She asked us to help her get back to her house. So I grabbed the broom and my companion took her arm and slowly escorted her to her house. We walked and talked and got to know her. She was wobbling all over the place. I asked her how old she was. She told us that she was 92! What is a 92-year-old woman doing outside, alone, sweeping her front yard! It was crazy. We got her to her house and her husband answered the door. We talked with him for a while. He said that they have been married for 77 years. It was so cool to see the love between them and how after 77 years they were still together. As we left, the lady gave us some cookies. It was so awesome and such a gratifying experience to help these two people!


Also, Patricia is doing great. She is so strong in her testimony. She loves reading the scriptures and always wants to share cool ones that she has found with us. She also loves sharing her testimony. She is so awesome. Those are some of the cool stories from the week! 

Elder Neser


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