Hola como estamos!

Que loco esta semana! Tambien, que rapido! Estamos trabajando en un parte de nuestro sector que es mas chico y tenemos mas exito. Estamos encontrando mas y tenemos mas personas para enseñar. De hecho, esta semana tenemos alguien que se va a bautizar! Dios es un Dios de milagros. La persona se llama Patricia. La encontramos en nuestro carpeta de area (Que contiene todos los antiguos investigadores). Ella es tan preparada. Ella tiene un testimonio que Dios la esta ayudando y que este es el camino correcto. Hemos orado muchisimo y trabajado por muchas horas. Nuestro garlardon es bastante. Well there is a little Spanish for you! 

Basically, the translation is that we are going to have a baptism this coming week. Her name is Patricia. She is a miracle because of the way we found her and how she was so prepared. My companion and I have been blessed so much. So we are really preparing for the baptism and trying to make it as awesome as possible. 

This week was a lot cooler. (Although I still sweat all day. And I think I am starting to sweat coke because we drink so much of it!)

This week flew by also. We have been working hard to try and find people and have had a little bit of success. 

But here are some fun stories from the week. On Thursday, my companion and I had to take keys to another companionship because they locked themselves out of their room. We then had to go to lunch which was really far away so we were waiting for a bus. We are always trying to look for a faster way to get around. So we thought that this particular bus would take us to where we wanted to go faster but it ended up being a crazy experience. We got on and it started going the right direction. Then it turned the wrong way. After about a 45 minute roller coaster ride, we got to the end of the line and the bus driver kicked us off. We were really far away from where our lunch was supposed to be and far away from our sector. We think we might have even been outside the mission. I was laughing but my companion was freaking out. So we walked around a little to another bus stop and got on another bus. In the end, we took the bus to a metro station then got on the metro then finally got to lunch an hour and a half late. It was pretty crazy. The member wasn’t mad which was great. This is the second time we have done this which made it more funny but now we have learned and for the past couple days I have been studying the bus system in Chile and how it works and the subway system.

That same day we were walking back to go to work after lunch and we were walking by the highway. All of a sudden this big rock flew right in front of us and hit this wall next to us. These guys in this truck threw it and yelled some things as they drove by. That was scary! And then to finish off the day, that night we were walking home and I tried to contact this guy but right as I said hello he cussed me out then walked away. It is crazy to see how real Satan is. We are just trying to help people but because we are missionaries and called of God, we get singled out and attacked. It doesn’t get us down though. We always laugh it off because the people just look crazy.

One night on our way home, we were walking down this busy street and we saw this person squatting by this light post. We were trying to figure out what he/she was doing. As we got closer the person stood up and put their pants back on and ran away. Turns out it was this adult woman “relieving” herself on the side of the road. It was pretty shocking. This is just another one of the weird cultural differences! 

Everybody here has been listening to this song that goes like “heyyyyyyyy sexy lady” (Gangnam Style) for the past month. People always have speakers in their houses and blast music during the day so when you walk in the street you can hear it. We hear that song like 5 times a day. Then this member’s daughter showed us this Mormon kid who did a parody of it on YouTube. It is “heyyyyyy Modest lady”. She was asking us what it meant. That was pretty funny and crazy that a little girl all the way down here in Chile is watching that music video made by a teenager in the USA.

Last night, on our way home we walked by this little pick-up truck that had a shell on the back. It smelled like a barn as we walked by. My companion and I were talking and he said: “Look! A llama!” I said that he was crazy. So I turned around and looked in the car. It turned out that there was a full sized llama in the back of this tiny pick-up truck. We have no idea how it got in there but I have a picture of it! 

So here is a cool spiritual story! So remember my story from last week about the guy with the swastika tattoo? Well, on Sunday we were standing outside the chapel and greeting people as they came in and all of a sudden he came up with his wife and daughter! It was insane! We were so shocked! He had a white shirt on and slacks. It was so awesome. It was a miracle. I would have never thought that he would come to church let alone let us in his house on that first day when we contacted him. It was great and he loved church. The only problem is that he smelled like beer and we think he was out all night drinking and came to church with a hangover. Besides that it was awesome! And now we know that we have to help him with the Word of Wisdom! We also had a bunch more investigators attend church . . . the most that have ever attended . That was a miracle and a huge blessing. Every investigator that comes to church is a miracle. That commitment is probably the hardest commitment for anyone to make. I never thought it would be that way, but it is. My companion and I are always just praying with all our hearts Sunday morning that people will come. That’s pretty much it for this week! Hasta luego! 


Elder Neser


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