Elder Neser slays the beast!

Hola everybody! 

Como Estan? One word to describe this week would be HOT. It was so hot at the beginning of this week but it has cooled down. The people kept telling us that it was around 36 degrees Celsius. I have no idea what that means but I know that it is hot. Especially when you are walking in the sun in a collared shirt and tie. Other than the heat, this weak was awesome!


We received the word yesterday about transfers. I am staying here in this sector with my companion for one more change! It is really unusual that I would stay with my trainer for a third change. He isn’t going to be training me this next change. We will be just a normal companionship except he is still Zone Leader. It was so exciting because he and I were praying to stay together and we asked the President if we could, too. Our prayer was answered! We wanted to stay together because we really started to get this sector going. We came up with a new plan last week and have been working our tails off. This sector we are in is a beast. We really changed things around though and got it going. We have a couple of people that are progressing towards baptism in the next couple weeks so we are just praying for miracles.  

Looking back on this week, it was cool to see how our faith was tried. We made a commitment at the beginning of the week to work harder and try this new plan. We committed ourselves to it and started working. The trial came with the heat and many rejections. It was so hot and at the beginning of the week we could not get into any houses and nobody in the street accepted us. Wednesday was the biggest trial. It was the hottest and that day we didn’t get into a single house. We walked in the street under the hot sun from 3 until 10 at night. We contacted 53 people and attempted more. We got about 2 addresses from all of those contacts and when we went to their houses to see if they were there we found out that one of the addresses doesn’t exist and the other person didn’t live in the other house. It was definitely a trial of our faith that day. We kept going though. I don’t know how, but we did. And we saw some amazing miracles at the end of this week and it cooled down. It literally was a fiery trial of our faith. It was a great experience though because I learned a ton and we got some things started in this sector. 

The week wasn’t as bad as it sounds though. It flew by and it was not lacking in funny experiences. One day, My companion and I locked ourselves out of our house so we had a fun time trying to break in through one of the windows. I had to hoist my companion through our bedroom window and push his legs through. He fell on the ground inside and it was funny. I had Mote con Huesillos for the first time this week. It is this popular drink here during the summer. It is peach juice with manjar (which is like a sugar caramel thing). Then a bunch of these seed things are put in it with 2 big dried peaches. I am not one for fruits so it wasn’t my favorite but it was okay. People love it here. 

We were walking down the street one day and this guy came out of this shop right in front of us. It shocked us but it scared us even more because he looked like a “zombie”. He was an old man with long curly white and silver hair. He came out of this metal shop and was covered in black metal dust from head to toe. Also, there were splotches of white powder on his eyes and parts of his body. He had this mean face and was missing some teeth. He looked at us angrily then kept walking. It was funny because right when he jumped out of the shop, I yelled in English: “What the heck is that!” My companion was dying laughing. 

Our zone had an activity on Saturday. We played ultimate Frisbee and this one elder brought a football. So six of us Elders played a 3 on 3-football game. (two-hand touch). It was so fun. It was also funny because it was four of us “gringos”, and one Elder from Mexico and one Elder from Uruguay. My companion and I had the Elder from Uruguay on our team. It was so funny trying to explain to him in Spanish what a football was and how to play it. He was so confused. So we ended up just telling him that we were going to say “hike” and then had him the ball. We told him he just had to run for his life and not get touched by the other team. It was hilarious to watch him play. He loved it though and we had a lot of fun. 

This is one more cool experience from the week. We contacted this guy at his door a couple days ago. When he answered the door he only opened it a little bit, just enough to see half of his face. He asked us what we wanted and we told him we were missionaries. I went to skake his hand and he stuck his arm out and shook mine. I noticed that he had a swastika tattooed on his arm (It wasn’t a very good tattoo. It looked like maybe somebody in a jail cell put it on him with a needle and ink). He then put his arm back behind the door. (At this point is usually when you have to be kind of a detective and use the few things you know about the person and relate those things to the gospel and how it can help him/her). It was a little tough because all I knew was that he didn’t really seem interested and he had a swastika tattooed on his arm. So I did the best I could to try and talk about the gospel and about family. We asked him if we could come back and teach him. He accepted! I was surprised. So we went back two days later to teach him. He opened the door and let us in. I was scared. I didn’t know what would be on the other side of the door. So when he opened it and we walked in, I was so surprised. He had a little daughter who was really cute playing with some dolls on the ground and he had a wife. The house was decorated nicely with the typical Jesus decorations and Catholic decorations. It was a fairly clean and nice house. We taught the family and he wants to get baptized. It was a really cool experience because I never would have thought from that door contact that this man with a swastika tattoo would have accepted us let alone want to get baptized. I always have great experiences like that and it is why this mission is so awesome. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve and learn. That’s all for this week! Hasta Luego! 

Elder Neser


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